The Top 3 Locations for Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development has become an increasingly popular path for startups and small businesses alike. Instead of taking on the overhead of hiring employees in house, utilizing a remote workforce allows you to focus on your core business functions while growing at an affordable rate.

When it comes to outsourcing, there are a myriad of options available. One can opt to go Offshore, Nearshore or Onshore in terms of finding a remote workforce. Countries farther away are Offshore, those nearby are considered Nearshore, and Onshore means operating within your own country. Depending on your company’s origin, there are many pros and cons that come with selecting a specific location to outsource your software development needs.

While the U.S. and Canada each have tech reliant economies, the cost associated with doing business there tends to be higher and the demand for skilled workers has resulted in a shortage. Therefore, most businesses are left with the option to take advantage of the resources of a more global market. Here are the top 3 countries for software development in terms of quality and cost:

Latin America

While many South American countries including Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia are becoming increasingly adept in the tech world, Costa Rica is a popular choice when outsourcing software development work. Their top notch IT programs produce good programmers and their culture has embraced innovation in technology as well as the agile methodology of project management. 


While India and the Philippines are known for their IT services, China is the leader when it comes to the outsourcing industry in Asia. China produces twice as many graduates as the United States, and as a result has a vast tech advanced work force. Coupled with it’s growing economy, China is a hot bed for outsourcing software development tasks. 

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, Poland and the Ukraine dominate the field of outsourced software development work. Both have an abundance of educated software engineers as a result of rich STEM educational programs. 

Before outsourcing your company’s software development, you’ll want to properly vet each agency to ensure a high quality of work. Take language, cultural barriers and possible travel expenses into account as well. Countries with a stable and supportive government offer a more favorable business climate to operate in, and a difference in time zone could reduce the time to market or make communication difficult. 

At Number8, we help businesses optimize their operations with onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing. Our teams–both foreign and domestic– provide effective communication and service that allow your business to grow at a rate that keeps up with your market. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at (502) 890-7665, or check out our information page here!

5 Myths of Working With an Offshore Development Team

Working with an offshore development team is becoming a popular alternative staffing solution in the software industry. Not only does it reduce operating costs, but it allows a company to build a team at their own pace. However, offshoring work comes with it’s fair share of misconceptions.

Here are a few common myths about the pitfalls of working with an offshore development team.

  1. The quality of the work will be poor.

    While trusting remote workers is reasonably hard for any employer or company to do, reputable offshore development teams have proven to help tech companies advance within the industry. As long as a partnership and relationship is established, and industry standard benchmarks are relied upon, the quality of work received will not be lacking.

  2. It takes jobs away.

    The fact of the matter is that U.S. based tech companies are facing a shortage of IT professionals. Offshoring some of the workload actually frees up current staff to work on reaching their goals. Developing the company’s end products is always more worthwhile than working on lesser routine and task oriented maintenance.

  3. It’s a security risk.

    Depending on the type of work that is being offshored, data privacy and intellectual property breaches can be a concern. Unfortunately, these security risks are just as likely to happen onshore as they are off it. Detailed contracts outlining who is liable can help curb risks and ensure everyone is compliant in terms of security needs. 

  4. We won’t be able to communicate with one another.

    In addition to the possible language barrier that comes with having offshore employees, there are also varying idioms, gestures, customs, and behavior norms that can throw communication off kilter. However, it is in no way impossible to find an offshore team that is either fluent in english, comfortable with a specific dialect, or capable of communicating through the right channel. In today’s world we are all connected online, and the agile project management method is specifically known for enabling more transparency between working partners. The idea that one cannot work in unison with those from other cultures is at most an antiquated idea as email, video chatting, and instant messaging allow for those from around the world to communicate with one another better than ever before.

  5. The time gap will mean a lag in productivity.

    In the IT world, completing projects quickly is crucial as ideas and and new technologies are always evolving. Depending on the geographical location of overseas partners, offshoring can often mean a difference in time zones and work day hours between teams. While this understandably seems worrisome, it’s important to remember there are many countries where part of the work day overlaps. Therefore collaboration can take place. If this isn’t the case, many companies make the difference in time zones work for them with round the clock support between both countries and teams.

Finding the right partners to grow your team and business is an essential ingredient for success. Why not utilize resources from around the world and open your company up to the best the industry has to offer?

At Number8, we help companies create software products with the help of offshore development. If you questions about our consulting process and why we are the right offshore software development company for your team to work with, then give us a call at (502) 890-7665 today!

A Better You

prosoft nearshore helps companies get leanThere are quite literally thousands of diet and exercise plans populating the internet.  Entire books can be found in libraries and bookstores that contain the perfect plan for getting the perfect body.  Perhaps these plans are the ideal secret to crafting the healthy version of yourself that you’ve always been seeking.  Perhaps.  

But it seems clear that getting in shape is really just a matter of three simple steps:

1. Eat a little less.

2.  Eat a little healthier.

3.  Exercise a little more.

It’s not a complicated formula.  There doesn’t seem to be a better way of accomplishing your goals.  Every diet fad and every workout plan is some variation of that system.  Whatever shape you’re in, whether you are looking to lose fifty pounds or tack on that extra inch on your bicep, the results you seek can be found through hard work and eating discipline.

Everyone wants the magic bullet.  They want the pill or the one workout or the one diet plan that can let them suddenly look and feel healthier.  But it doesn’t work that way.  The same can be said in business.

There is no magical solution to the problems that your business faces.  But following a few simple and time-tested truths will always help.

1.  Work harder.

2.  Save money.

3.  Communicate better.

Just like earning the perfect body, it won’t happen overnight.  Thankfully, Prosoft Nearshore can help.  We can’t give your company six pack abs or multi-million dollar bottom lines in a day.  But we can help you work harder, save money, and communicate better.

By outsourcing your software development needs to Costa Rica, Prosoft Nearshore offers a nearshore solution that allows your company to meet all three of those goals.  Because Costa Rica is located in the Central Time Zone, your project leaders can save you time and money by working on YOUR schedule, unlike offshore partners in India, Japan, or other East Asian nations.

You can also work harder, as Prosoft Nearshore can free up your creative employees by providing great software developers who don’t have to work in-house.  Our developers can work in agile, C++, java, ruby on rails, and many other platforms which will make your company look great.

Just like getting the perfect body, trimming the fat in your company can take time and effort.  Just think of Prosoft Nearshore as a personal trainer.

Golden Goldfish

prosoft nearshoreSince 1962, Pepperidge Farm has been selling America goldfish crackers.  What began as a saltine-like soda cracker in the shape of a fish has ballooned into a multi-million dollar per year enterprise.

While most people are familiar with the cheddar cheese variety of snack food with the little eyes and smiles, there are over fifty versions and flavors produced by Pepperidge Farm.  Such a simple concept that has turned into a completely ubiquitous product.

Every firm or company hopes that their product will take off and rule a small segment of their market.  Goldfish crackers did exactly that.  By seeing a good idea and running with it, Pepperidge Farm (which is owned by Campbell’s Soup) has dominated its segment of the snack food marketplace for decades.

A little healthier than potato chips, a little tastier than plain crackers, and marketed with a little fun animalism for children, goldfish crackers nailed the needs of the snack-buying public.

Prosoft Nearshore didn’t come up with the idea for goldfish (shucks!) but, like goldfish, we did come up with a surprising niche in an important market.  The world of software development outsourcing was dominated for decades by firms that sourced the work offshore in Asia, particularly in India and Japan.  And this seemed like a reasonable accommodation.  The work could be done cheaper, by skilled technicians, without eating into the time and effort of the host company.

But communication was slow, and this lead to problems.  Asia is, quite literally, half the world away.  Prosoft Nearshore identified the need for quality software development outsourcing that worked on the same time frame as their clients.  Hence, working with a nearshore approach in Costa Rica and Central America.  This kept all of the advantages of offshore outsourcing, while adding the benefit of software developers who worked in the Central Time Zone, the same time of day as their partners.

C++, javascript, and rails development may not be as delicious as goldfish crackers, but they still deserve attention in the world of innovation.  That’s where Prosoft Nearshore is agile and swimming ahead of the wave.

Popular Mechanics

Woman car breakdown road assistanceWhen your car breaks down, it’s going to be a bad day.  No one has ever turned the key in the ignition and then gotten excited that it didn’t start.  When this happens, even a beautiful Friday can start seeming like a dreary Monday.  And if it is a dreary Monday, well then batten down the hatches, because you are suddenly in for a horrendous day.

People who know about cars tend to really really know about cars.  And people who don’t know about cars are likely to think that timing belts are the leather strap of their watch bands.  There isn’t a lot of cross over between car experts and car novices.  It’s binary.  Someone is either knowledgeable enough to work on a car or they aren’t.

I fall in to the group of people who knows nothing about cars.  Therefore I was stuck on the side of the road this morning waiting on someone to tow my hunk of junk to the shop.  My diagnostic efforts included trying to jump the car (it wasn’t the battery) and then staring at the hood in confusion while trying to look like I knew what I was looking at.

Now, I will have to wait for the experts to take over.  Thank goodness.

Computers are much the same way.  People either know how to do fancy computer wizardry or they do not.  Most companies employ at least one of these hardware magicians go keep their business computers running smoothly.  But what about software?  What about the insides that can really make your company go?

Do what I did with my car.  Go to the experts.

Prosoft Nearshore can help outsource your organization’s software development needs to highly-trained experts.  Guys who eat up javascript and spit out ruby on rails.  Agile technicians who will be able to meet the needs of any company.

Plus, this software development outsourcing will be a nearshore solution.  Rather than shipping your work halfway across the globe to East Asia in India, Japan, or Singapore, your partners will be located in the ridiculously convenient Central Time Zone.  Costa Rica, with it’s peaceful, democratic, and established infrastructure is the ideal locale.

And as we already covered… they’re the experts.



Speech and Debate

female giving a speech during a debateWhen most people hear the word “forensics” they immediately imagine crime scene investigation, small bits of critical evidence, and really bad television shows.  But to ultra-competitive, highly-skilled, and immensely bright high school and college students, “forensics” is the pursuit of competitive speech and debate.

The ability to understand an argument, compose and articulate a counter-argument, and deliver that counter-argument with style, poise, and grace, is highly in demand.  There is quite literally no field in the world where that skill-set isn’t valuable.  This is for the simple fact that communication is vital.

Through teams, tournaments, and practices, organizations like the National Forensics Association in college and the National Forensics League in high school encourage students, some of whom study diverse subjects like software engineering, to develop writing and speaking schools that will help them communicate with friends, colleagues, and clients for the rest of their lives.

Prosoft Nearshore also recognizes the importance of communication.  Prosoft Nearshore utilizes software developers in Costa Rica, located in tche Central Time Zone, for their outsourcing.  This nearshore outsourcing method allows Prosoft’s clients to stay in touch with their developers at hours that would be ludicrous with offshore outsourcing.  India, Japan, and other Asian options are on such different schedules that communication is strained.   Working with a Central American partner prevents that problem, thus guaranteeing better lines of communication between Prosoft Nearshore and their partners.

Whether your company has needs in java, ruby on rails, c++, or any other software type, Prosoft Nearshore’s professional and agile team has experts who will continue the theme of wonderful communication techniques.

While not ever Prosoft Nearshore employee will have the mastery of language and elocution that speech and debate forensics alumni have, you can rest assured that Prosoft Nearshore places communication at a premium in all of their business transactions.