Atlanta is Heating Up Again Thanks to a Surge in IT Opportunities

Georgia’s capital and premier city is gaining traction after the 2008 financial recession that left the city struggling to catch up in terms of growth. Their recovery in large part is due to their increasing presence within the technology industry. Microsoft, Worldpay, and Cardlytics among other big tech companies have set up their headquarters in the area. These corporations are reaping the benefits of low operation costs, tax breaks, and investment funding. 

The Fintech Explosion

Fintech is the focus of many of Atlanta based companies, both big and small. Fintech firms support online financial services and transactions. Alternative monetary systems like Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and Square are becoming more and more popular with consumers and businesses alike. Atlanta is at the forefront of such exchange currencies and payment processing, having even been dubbed "Transaction Alley."

Business Incubators

Top notch tech-focused research facilities like Georgia Tech and Emory University can also be credited with the tech boom. Georgia Tech’s Venture Lab for example, helps students launch their own startups and has been an instrumental support program within the tech community. As a result, young talent is growing Atlanta’s population in groves. The U.S. Census Bureau recently credited them with the third most population spike out of all the other major cities, with about 5.8 million people now residing in the sprawling city.

Tech City

Those looking to compete for software developing, programming, and computer support roles will find plenty of employment opportunities. Atlanta has always gleamed the spotlight as a business mecca and powerhouse city. However, now it’s specifically shaping up to be its own brand of Silicon Valley. What sets it apart from other successful tech based cities is an affordable housing market, historic character, and southern charm; making it an ideal landscape for encouraging tech focused innovation.  No matter which city your company calls home, Number8 can help your business connect to top tech talent. If you want to learn more about our consulting process and why we are the perfect offshore software development company to help you reach your company’s goals, then give us a call at (502) 890-7665 today!

Nashville, TN: A Big Surprise in the Growing IT Sector

With the Grand Ole Opry at the heart of downtown, Nashville Tennessee is famously known for being the music capital of the U.S. The city is also rich in tourism and entertainment, and has quite the trendy restaurant scene and nightlife. However, what may come as a surprise to many, is it’s recent claim to fame as a hotspot for the IT community. Information Technology is currently rising up the ranks as one the leading industries in the area and Nashville now ranks second in the country for overall job growth.

Educational Opportunities

It’s easy to see why those just now entering the field are flocking to the city for job prospects. For those pursuing an education in computer science, there are a plethora of programs available including the nonprofit Nashville Software School; which was one of the first coding schools in the region.

Living Accommodations

The city is also at the center of travel, boasting an international airport, with several main interstates intersecting it. Real estate is growing somewhat quickly as well in order to accommodate the ever increasing population. As a result, there are many revitalized neighborhoods and a healthy mix of suburban and urban life with an affordable cost of living.

Economic Revitalization

Because local business is booming, Nashville’s market is one in which fosters entrepreneurship and is ripe with tech startups. While this means Nashville is somewhat redefining their southern image, they are still a hospitable community in terms of tech culture and provide many opportunities for networking within the programming industry. The demand for software developers and computer system design is certainly present. It seems upcoming IT talent can find not only careers that encourage creative ingenuity, but a high quality of life as a resident of the city itself. No matter which city your company calls home, Number8 can help your business connect to top tech talent. If you want to learn more about our consulting process and why we are the perfect offshore software development company to help you reach your company’s goals, then give us a call at (502) 890-7665 today!

Top Universities in Central America that Offer Computer Science Degrees

Getting a computer science degree in Central America has its benefits.

computer science First of all, the cost of living in these countries is considerably lower. By immersing yourself in a Spanish speaking area, you acquire a lifelong skill that also improves your cognitive functions. Studying computer science prepares you for an ever-evolving career needed in just about every industry there is. The number of Central American universities that have excellent computer science programs may surprise you. Here are a select few...

Latin America University of Science & Technology - Costa Rica

There is a growing industry of eco-conservation that needs bright young minds to contribute. What better place to study computer sciences than one of the world's leading countries in environmental protection? The Latin America University of Science & Technology in San Jose, Costa Rica is a private, non-profit institution that is the only bilingual university in the country. The computer science courses at ULACIT are challenging with a focus on quality, innovation, and service. Furthermore, ULACIT prides itself and facilitating an environment that encourages new ideas regarding eco-preservation.

University of Panama

The University of Panama has been around since 1935 and was created by presidential decree. Also, as a public university, tuition at the University of Panama is free-- even for international students. With its storied history and low cost of living, getting your computer science degree at UoP is an excellent choice if you want a world-class education at a fraction of the cost of United States universities.

University of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the happiest, healthiest, and environmentally conscious places in the world. The country has a high quality of life which earned it the nickname "the Switzerland of Central America." Additionally, Costa Rica's ecological beauty and heavenly climate are unmatched. Along with those benefits, the University of Costa Rica is one of the finest higher education institutions in the world. Furthermore, it is the most prestigious university in Costa Rica and has several satellite campuses around the country. UoCR is a secular and humanist institution, encouraging social work and environmental activism from their students-- an attitude that reflects the Costa Rican lifestyle.

Florida State University - Panama

This international branch of Florida State University is the second oldest university in Panama. Their computer science program is the only major you can complete entirely in the Republic of Panama Campus. The campus is at the City of Knowledge sustainable complex, which used to be the Clayton military base. Therefore, a booming international community surrounds FSU Panama students and encourages innovation with ample resources to meet your goals.

National University of Costa Rica

Studying in Costa Rica is perfect for a nature lover looking for adventure. In your off time, you can explore the country's active volcanoes, go white water rafting, or surf in the crystal blue waters. Located in Heredia, the National University of Costa Rica separates itself from the tourist filled streets of San Jose and close to the country's natural beauty. Furthermore, the university curriculum is rigorous and varied. It's the perfect place to go for a diverse university experience while you get your computer science degree.   At Number8 we recruit computer science students with a sense of adventure and innovative minds. We believe that studying abroad in a top-notch university like the ones above prepares you for the fast paced tech market and IT. Are you interested in learning more about our developers, or do you think you are qualified to join our team? Then give us a call at (502) 890-7665 today!

Job Happiness & Why You Should Look Into Tech

May 4, 2017 / in Job Happiness, / by Number8

It is a question often asked: are you happy at your job? Seems simple enough, yet job happiness is hard to define. From 2006-2012 Gallup World Polls collected data trying to understand how happy the world is. The World Happiness Report then pulled the data and created an in depth analysis of the current climate of job satisfaction around the globe. Their findings suggest that employees are happiest in jobs that not only pay well, but are also challenging and dynamic.

Factors Affecting Job Happiness

In the report, the researchers explain that money is not the only important factor in workplace satisfaction.
“As might be expected, we find that those in well-paying jobs are happier...but a number of further aspects of people’s jobs are strongly predictive of varied measures of well-being. Work-life balance emerges as a particularly strong predictor of people’s happiness. Further factors include job variety and the need to learn new things, as well the level of individual autonomy enjoyed by the employee.”

Job Happiness

Another variable that affects job happiness is status. Employees in a “professional” position reported they were less likely to experience “negative affective states” compared to other job types. Serving as a manager, or other high-level position creates a greater level of job satisfaction. One of the other key components of this study showed that a separation between work and personal life affects happiness. “Workers who report that their job interferes with their ability to spend time with their partner and family, as well as those who ‘bring their job home’ with them report systematically lower levels of subjective wellbeing.” The type and content of a job also highly affects employee satisfaction. While this seems like common sense, it is often hard to see how the type of career you are in may be negatively impacting your life. When it's a job you’ve had for a long time, or it is in the field you think is best suited for you, it can be especially difficult. The report shows that people who work in jobs that “entail high levels of variety” are more happy overall. A job that is stagnant doesn’t challenge its employees, and therefore is unsatisfactory. It is important to find a balance between challenging and overly-stressful, however. Structure and organization is highly important in this case to prevent a chaotic environment.

How Tech Jobs Compare

In recent years, tech careers have become increasingly popular. With the rise of big-name companies like Google, as well as startups like Lyft, the tech world is expanding. Tech companies are now known for providing unique perks to employees that aren’t offered in other fields.Job Happiness Companies like Instagram, Facebook and Buzzfeed, among others, are well-known for providing their employees with delicious meals, wellness opportunities, and community gatherings. Many tech companies hire someone whose sole job is to ensure the happiness of all employees. Added perks like free food, and even free haircuts, are still supplemental to the satisfaction that comes from working in an industry that is inherently active. As the World Happiness Report showed, people are more happy when employed in complex careers. Because tech is constantly evolving and changing it is naturally a challenging field to work in. It also often presents opportunities for collaboration. Many employees reported feeling more satisfied when they felt as though they were closely involved in a community work environment.   If you're interested in the tech field, or know someone who is, then don't hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (502) 890-7665 and visit our career page here  


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