Speech and Debate

female giving a speech during a debateWhen most people hear the word “forensics” they immediately imagine crime scene investigation, small bits of critical evidence, and really bad television shows.  But to ultra-competitive, highly-skilled, and immensely bright high school and college students, “forensics” is the pursuit of competitive speech and debate.

The ability to understand an argument, compose and articulate a counter-argument, and deliver that counter-argument with style, poise, and grace, is highly in demand.  There is quite literally no field in the world where that skill-set isn’t valuable.  This is for the simple fact that communication is vital.

Through teams, tournaments, and practices, organizations like the National Forensics Association in college and the National Forensics League in high school encourage students, some of whom study diverse subjects like software engineering, to develop writing and speaking schools that will help them communicate with friends, colleagues, and clients for the rest of their lives.

Prosoft Nearshore also recognizes the importance of communication.  Prosoft Nearshore utilizes software developers in Costa Rica, located in tche Central Time Zone, for their outsourcing.  This nearshore outsourcing method allows Prosoft’s clients to stay in touch with their developers at hours that would be ludicrous with offshore outsourcing.  India, Japan, and other Asian options are on such different schedules that communication is strained.   Working with a Central American partner prevents that problem, thus guaranteeing better lines of communication between Prosoft Nearshore and their partners.

Whether your company has needs in java, ruby on rails, c++, or any other software type, Prosoft Nearshore’s professional and agile team has experts who will continue the theme of wonderful communication techniques.

While not ever Prosoft Nearshore employee will have the mastery of language and elocution that speech and debate forensics alumni have, you can rest assured that Prosoft Nearshore places communication at a premium in all of their business transactions.