Software Development Outsourcing Challenges

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing to Costa Rica

“We’ve never worked with an offshore software development team before. What software development outsourcing challenges should we expect?”

The hardest part of software development outsourcing, and working with an offshore software development team, is if anyone on your side has not bought into the idea of offshore software development.

Working with people that are not in the room takes some getting used to, and may initially require some added effort. Once everyone adjusts to working together though, things tend to work out very smoothly.

People that might have been skeptical about software development outsourcing in the beginning tend to be won over when they see that the offshore software development team is meeting deadlines and delivering high quality work. This tends to eliminate any initial concerns about things like having to spend additional time fixing “the off-shore guys code.”

At Number 8, we only hire top technical talent and our project management process ensures that you receive clean code and top notch work from our offshore software developers.

When it comes to offshore software development in Costa Rica, you get the benefits of a nearshore location that has many similarities to the U.S. while avoiding some of the problems you might experience with software development outsourcing to faraway places like India or China.

For example, when you are working with Number 8 software developers, you are working with people in the same or a similar time zone. Costa Rica operates on Central Standard Time (CST). This is much easier than working with people in a much different time zone because nearshore software developers in Costa Rica can participate in your team meetings, and you can call or text one another throughout the day.

Another benefit to working with an offshore software development team in Costa Rica is easy communication. Not only is the technical infrastructure in Costa Rica safe, secure, and reliable, making it very easy to have regular, ongoing communication, but our software developers in Costa Rica are all bilingual and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Based on our experience, team buy-in for software development outsourcing with Number 8 software developers tends to come very quickly since we avoid some of the more common problems (communication barriers, time zone challenges) sometimes associated with offshore software development outsourcing.

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