Software Developers Retention

We appreciate and reward our software developers for their hard work, dedication and talent.

Our software developers truly like working with our client teams and it shows. They enjoy using new technology and working on cutting-edge products. They are great collaborators and are highly motivated to do things right the first time around.

How is your employee retention with software developers and other information technology professionals?

Our employee retention with our offshore software developers is tremendous for a number of different reasons. First of all, our technical recruiters work very hard to attract the right people to the job. We look for highly skilled software developers who want to stretch themselves technically.We also look for software developers that are great team players. Given our focus on using an agile methodology for software development, we realize how important it is to employ software developers that enjoy being a part of a team and are excellent communicators.

The agile methodology for custom software development also tends to create higher team engagement for a variety of reasons. One primary reason is that the agile development process is collaborative and everyone’s input is considered important. Another reason our software developers enjoy our agile and scrum focus is that project work is broken down into manageable pieces, giving software developers the satisfaction of successfully completing clearly defined tasks on an ongoing basis.

Our employee retention rate is also strong because we make sure that our compensation is very competitive. We appreciate and reward our software developers for their hard work, dedication and talent. In addition, the flexible work schedule and challenging projects keep our retention rates for software developers very high.

While it may sound surprising, our clients frequently tell us that they have had a higher retention rate with their nearshore software development team than with their internal software development staff over the life of the engagement. Employee retention is extremely important to us since we value building long term partnerships with our clients.