Resource Management for Software Engineering Projects

We realize that you have deadlines and that you need high quality web design

Are resources managed by client project managers or does Number 8 provide off-site

Resource management for software engineering?

This is an excellent question and frankly it depends on what an individual client wants. While an offshore software engineering firm may only use one approach to resource management, we are flexible and prefer to organize and manage projects in a way that best serves a specific client.

No matter how our clients prefer to manage projects, we do assign a supporting team of project managers and software engineering managers to each engagement to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Everyone on the Number 8 team is very focused on meeting deadlines, delivering high quality software and IT services, and providing thorough and regular communication. We are always there for our clients to ensure that tasks are completed accurately and on time, and that communication happens successfully. We work hard to respond very quickly to client questions and needs.


We realize that you have deadlines and that you need high quality web design, app development and custom software engineering quickly. Our focus on successful resource management helps to make this happen, and it is likely one of the primary reasons we have so many long term engagements. Learn more about what our customers say about our offshore staffing and software engineering firm from our client testimonials.

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