Refreshing Change of Pace

Refreshing Change of PaceRefreshment comes in a hundred different forms. Finding the perfect way to quench your thirst is a daunting task. As the weather warms up and the sweat starts to form, people all over the world are seeking the ideal beverage to satisfy their needs.

Water always works, but it can be a bit dull. An icy cold beer sounds nice, but the alcohol that comes with it is not always appropriate. Gatorade will definitely replace the nutrients and electrolytes your body is losing, but it can seem overkill when you haven’t just run a mini-marathon. Walking along the aisles of a convenience store these days can present nearly limitless options ranging from lemonade to tea to sodas or fruit drinks of all kinds.

In Costa Rica, street vendors will offer to crack open a fresh coconut for tourists to take care of their thirst. Coconut water or milk is high in the vitamins and minerals that a thirsty body needs, but carrying around a giant coconut can be impractical. The bottom line is simple: there are a LOT of options.

Smart managers face a lot of options and decisions every day. One of the most common is how to tackle their software development needs. They’d love to handle it in house, but it is a lot of work for a small operation and they don’t want to tie up their creative and technical minds on C++ all day. Outsourcing can seem like a great idea, but how and where?

Companies like Prosoft Nearshore offer software development options that are practical, pragmatic, and simple. They employ a nearshore approach to outsourcing which keeps your work in the same hemisphere, utilizing Costa Rica’s presence in the Central Time Zone to maintain ideal levels of communication. The cost and quality are competitive, and they lack some of the pitfalls of overseas options like India or Japan. Other Central or Latin American nations fail to meet the high standards that the democratic and stable nation of Costa Rica provides. Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and C++ are well within their scope, and they manage it with an agile approach.

Like picking the perfect beverage, picking the right software developer is daunting. But when you find that ideal drink at the ideal moment… it is a thing of beauty. For this blogger’s money, a delicious green tea is just thing. And so is Prosoft Nearshore.