Race to the Finish

Horse Racing and Business CompetitionThe Preakness Stakes is set to be run this weekend. The second race for the prestigious Triple Crown is a proud tradition, having been raced between 3 year old horses since 1875. It will be followed in three weeks by the Belmont Stakes.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators will descend on Baltimore from around the world. Many of the elite athletes, actors, musicians, and celebrities of the day will attend the race or merely participate in race week festivities. Visitors from as far away as Costa Rica, Venezuela, India, and all points in between will witness as these thoroughbreds fight to make their time the fastest yet.

The horses themselves need to be strong, fast, and agile to maneuver around the course and their competition. Great champions have made late charges, coming from the post or the rails to win at Pimlico. Names like Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and War Admiral have all left their hoofprints on history at the hallowed track.

Owners, trainers, and jockeys all play key roles in the success of a given horse. As in any pursuit, it takes more than an individual to make something truly great. Being a champion in any field requires a great team. In business, one part of the team that can’t be ignored is software development. A way to guarantee that partner will support you is to use Prosoft Nearshore to outsource your software development. Prosoft Nearshore is based in the United States, but is a nearshore outsourcing solution in Costa Rica. This allows all the benefits of an American company with all the savings of outsourcing.

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