Popular Mechanics

Woman car breakdown road assistanceWhen your car breaks down, it’s going to be a bad day.  No one has ever turned the key in the ignition and then gotten excited that it didn’t start.  When this happens, even a beautiful Friday can start seeming like a dreary Monday.  And if it is a dreary Monday, well then batten down the hatches, because you are suddenly in for a horrendous day.

People who know about cars tend to really really know about cars.  And people who don’t know about cars are likely to think that timing belts are the leather strap of their watch bands.  There isn’t a lot of cross over between car experts and car novices.  It’s binary.  Someone is either knowledgeable enough to work on a car or they aren’t.

I fall in to the group of people who knows nothing about cars.  Therefore I was stuck on the side of the road this morning waiting on someone to tow my hunk of junk to the shop.  My diagnostic efforts included trying to jump the car (it wasn’t the battery) and then staring at the hood in confusion while trying to look like I knew what I was looking at.

Now, I will have to wait for the experts to take over.  Thank goodness.

Computers are much the same way.  People either know how to do fancy computer wizardry or they do not.  Most companies employ at least one of these hardware magicians go keep their business computers running smoothly.  But what about software?  What about the insides that can really make your company go?

Do what I did with my car.  Go to the experts.

Prosoft Nearshore can help outsource your organization’s software development needs to highly-trained experts.  Guys who eat up javascript and spit out ruby on rails.  Agile technicians who will be able to meet the needs of any company.

Plus, this software development outsourcing will be a nearshore solution.  Rather than shipping your work halfway across the globe to East Asia in India, Japan, or Singapore, your partners will be located in the ridiculously convenient Central Time Zone.  Costa Rica, with it’s peaceful, democratic, and established infrastructure is the ideal locale.

And as we already covered… they’re the experts.