Outsourcing Makes Sense

Outsourcing Makes SenseOutsourcing is not an easy decision. And it shouldn’t be an easy decision. Moving work away from employees that you know and then trusting someone new hundreds or even thousands of miles away is daunting. Why do smart companies outsource their software development?

There is no single answer. Every company has different needs and each software development project is unique. There are many possible reasons. They can be as simple as a desire to reach new markets. They can be as complex as wanting to free up creative teams to focus on new problems. But in the end, almost every reason to outsource is a variation on one theme: Resource Allocation.

Successful companies want to put their money, their employees, and their businesses in the places that will have the most impact. By using an outsource solution, either offshoring or nearshoring, companies can better control how their resources are deployed. In house creative teams can focus on their real tasks instead of chewing up time on software updates. The money saved can be used to bolster other flagging areas. And having a presence in another country can increase visibility or understanding of new regions for a company seeking to expand globally.

India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Costa Rica are global leaders in outsourcing. The software development talent and attractive relative cost have caught the attention of many US companies like Prosoft.

We at Prosoft Nearshore believe that nearshoring is the best option for companies looking to outsource. The convenience, time similarities, and proximity make places like Costa Rica ideal. Talk to us, find out if your outsourcing needs can be met by our high standards. Let us help you put your resources where they can be the most impactful.