Olympic Glory

Costa Rica hosts Winter OlympicsThe winter Olympics are usually dominated by nations that have a winter. During the opening ceremonies one might occasionally see an athlete from Central America. A national flag for countries like Columbia or Ecuador might be carried by their lone representative. But this is the exception. Most winter Olympic athletes and audiences are from cold-weather nations. Costa Rica, for instance, is warm weather nation that sent no athletes to Russia in 2014. Rather than train for events like the bobsled which might send their competitors offshore, they stayed home where the weather is delightful.

With that in mind, the Costa Rican Tourism Board decided that the freezing viewers might want to vacation somewhere warm. They invested $500,000 to air 267 commercials during the two weeks of the Sochi Olympic Games. Millions of people will see the “Essential Costa Rica” advertising campaign,

There is a thirty second spot which highlights the beaches, rain forests, and biodiversity of Costa Rica as a vacation destination. But the same campaign features an ad which was run in American movie theaters before movies in 2013. That trailer length advertisement featured Costa Rica’s growing business world, economic strength, exporting power, and the value of their software developers in the world of outsourcing.

It’s nice to see the nation taking their promotion so seriously. They even tout the stability of their national government and economy. Prosoft Nearshore is well aware of the opportunities for business growth in Costa Rica. We have offices in San Jose, Costa Rica precisely because of the unique software development outsourcing services they can provide. They are an international leader in producing the highest quality developers and client service professionals.

We at Prosoft Nearshore are enjoying the winter Olympic games, and while we support all of the American delegation athletes, we also support our corporate partners in Costa Rica for their innovative advertising campaign.