Number 8 History

In 1998, we started in the basement of First Trust Centre at the corner of 5th and Main in Louisville. We were Everest Technologies at that time and were affiliated with a group of the same name from Nashville.  In 2002, we rebranded to Prosoft, to represent our focus; providing professional software developers to those in need.  For the next six years, all of our work was in the Louisville market.  We worked with the smartest and most progressive clients in the area and established ourselves as a go-to partner. In 2008, we formed Prosoft Nearshore to offer an off-site alternative to India for agile teams that needed to collaborate all day with their development partners.

This was a great addition to our offering and allowed us to work with clients all over the U.S. and software developers from all over Latin America.  In 2016, we rebranded Prosoft Nearshore to create number8.  With number8, we’re combining our offerings to provide clients with the best possible mix of on- and off-site development assistance.  At the same time, we’re broadening our services to include more consulting on processes and tools associated with highly-collaborative, feature-driven development methodologies to remove the traditional geographic boundaries that slow the development process.