David Easterling

Number 8 Founder and CEO

David is adept at problem-solving and thinking up new ideas that are extremely innovative and difficult to implement (usually before the last idea has been fully implemented). This has led him to start several businesses over the last 20 years, including Prosoft and number8, Falls City Brewing Company and Linemate. David has a passion for process improvement and has been a Scrum advocate since he became a CSM in 2008. David is known for breaking new ground and buying old cars.

Justin Thurman

Justin Thurman

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Justin is the reason that some of the ground David breaks gets a sidewalk that makes it usable. Since joining in 2016, he has tackled dozens of tasks and processes that needed refinement. He is innovative and highly efficient and embodies the strength and versatility needed from a number8. Prior to joining number8, Justin had a similar role for a successful politician. Thankfully, it prepared him well for the private sector. Justin holds degrees in Economics and Biology from Western Kentucky University and is frequently asked to leave trivia competitions.


Mauricio Morales

Development Manager

Mauricio has been with us nearly from the time we started operations in Costa Rica in 2008. He is a talented developer and Software Architect with a focus in .Net, C#, Java and Angular. Mau holds a Computer Engineering degree from the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica and a Masters Degree from the Universidad de Costa Rica. He is currently pursuing his MBA and is known for his great sense of humor and animal training skills. Mau recently taught his cat how to say his name.


Ericka Acon

Human Resources Manager

Ericka is an HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in the HR field working with multinational technology companies. She has a Master´s degree on Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. Ericka is instrumental in making sure the consultants' experience is the best it can be; from recruitment, to onboarding, timekeeping, payment and daily communication, Ericka is the voice they can count on to know the answer. Ericka is a mom and is known for taking care of her children with the same care she shows our consultants. She can be strict with Russian exchange students.

Luis Macovei

Luis Macovei

Engagement Manager

Luis has a computer science degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and more than six years of experience in software development, having worked previously in the banking area as a .NET developer and project manager. As Engagement Manager, Luis ensures that our consultants are successful once they are assigned to a client project. Luis helps create the job responsibilities with the client and once a consultant is assigned, he communicates with the consultant and client manager weekly to ensure expectations are communicated clearly and objectives are met. His performance in this area has really pushed the needle for us and our clients.

Joshua Bartley

Joshua Bartley

Solutions Architect

Joshua comes to Number 8 with over 14 years of experience in IT; previously as a Solution Architect for a large payment card processing company based in Atlanta. Joshua has worked with the financial, logistics, oil and gas, real estate, military industries over the years. He has experience designing solutions with .Net, SQL, NoSQL, ElasticSearch and AWS. Currently holds certifications in networking, and AWS along with an AS in Business Management.