Moving to the Beat

Costa Rica MusicMusic has a place of great social and historical importance to Costa Rica. The Central American nation is an amazing blend of cultures, traditions, and musical styles. From reggae and calypso to folk music and jazz, Costa Rica melds some of the greatest music variations into their own distinct flavor.

We at Prosoft Nearshore definitely think of Costa Rica as music to our ears. Their music is so special and unique because of the different qualities it contains. Costa Rican music is a great metaphor for the country itself. Costa Rica is not a one trick pony. It contains various elements that make it a tremendous nation, just like the music that originates there.

Costa Rica is a strong democratic republic with an established and viable economy. It has industries that vary from agricultural (bananas and coffee) to ecological (rainforest and volcano tours). It is a growing technological power with four technical universities that train the world’s finest software developers and managers. The warm climate attracts tourists from all over the world for amazing beaches and tropical delights.

Prosoft Nearshore is thrilled to have an office in Costa Rica. They make ideal partners with their first rate software development capabilities. Outsourcing to a nearshore location like Central America is a fantastic resource for companies, but Costa Rica is special even in this field. Unlike Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Columbia, Chile and others, Costa Rica is stable, dependable, and democratic.

Visit Prosoft Nearshore today to learn more. See how a Central American nation like Costa Rica can put all the right instruments together to provide the best outsourcing option for your company. And maybe turn on some steel drums while you’re at it.