Matrimonial Bliss

Matrimonial BlissAs June makes its long-awaited appearance, a great tradition begins unfolding in America. All across the country people will trudge out to their respective mailboxes and receive the one thing besides coupons that still arrives via the United States Post Office: wedding invitations.

Wedding season is upon us. In ballrooms and gardens, convention centers and churches, Americans love to get married between the end of May and the end of July. Folks between the ages of twenty three and thirty five will spend their late springs and early summers putting on their best looking suits or dresses to be a witness to commitment. Because that’s what a wedding is. After the ice sculptures melt and the crab puffs get eaten, a wedding is really just the beginning of a marriage. And marriages work or don’t work for dozens of reasons. All commitments are like that.

Working with a corporate partner in your business is also like a marriage. It is saying to another company: we trust you. You will act in good faith and towards our best interests. It is imperative that a business relationship be built with a company that is interested in your company’s success.

Prosoft Nearshore is just such a company. With their agile management techniques, Prosoft Nearshore commits itself to helping your organization be a massive success. The relative proximity of their nearshore outsourcing partners in Costa Rica mean that the lines of communication (vital in any relationship) are easier and more open than they ever could be with offshore outsourcing. Your software development projects, be they C++, Java, or ruby on rails, will be in the hands of a company that is dedicated to getting the job done right. Plus, they are in the Central Time Zone, meaning that they work on a schedule that mirrors most American companies.

Prosoft Nearshore isn’t proposing marriage… but they are proposing to be your partner. Wedded to the goals that matter to your company. Consider this your invitation. But sadly we’re all out of crab puffs.