Make the Call

Make the CallIn 1876 Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the first conventionally operational telephone, saying “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” These simple words capped decades of research by dozens of scientists and became known as the birth of the modern telephone. Telemarketers soon followed.

Communication has never been the same. Today, a person in India can call a person in Brazil and hear them as if they were standing in the next room like Mr. Watson. Wires and now wireless towers encircle the globe. From offshore oil rigs to outer space, phones aren’t even limited by land anymore. And phone calls aren’t limited to telemarketing and prank phone calls, businesses use phones to communicate ideas, seal deals, and forge relationships.

The only flaw in the telephone is that the person you are calling must be awake and in their office. This isn’t always the case if your business is in Chicago and the person you are trying to contact is in Malaysia or Pakistan. Sure, there’s e-mail, but in the fast-paced business world, failing to get in touch with someone for eight to twelve hours can put whole projects behind schedule.

Outsourcing your software development can run into those problems.  Offshore solutions in Asia are tough to manage when they aren’t operating on the same clock as your business. That’s why companies like Prosoft Nearshore offer a nearshore software development outsourcing option. Working with a company that is based in Costa Rica can keep those lines of communication open, because unlike Japan or Singapore, Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone. And that means that there phones are on at the same time as yours.

Pick up a phone, hear that beautiful dial tone, and call Prosoft Nearshore. Because partners who can talk when you can talk are invaluable. Stay ahead of the competition. And thank Alexander Graham Bell for his amazing work. Ring ring.