The Nearshore Playbook

The front cover of The Nearshore Playbook from number8

Your ultimate guide to nearshore software development. Learn the key differences between nearshore, offshore, and onshore, the technical processes that can make offsite developers more productive, and how to choose the right nearshore vendor based on your needs.

QA Automation Transformation for Healthcare Company

QA Automation Transformation for Healthcare Company

Our client’s testing process needed some work, but their internal development team had no experience with QA testing suites or automation testing tools. By adding just one number8 consultant, they were able to transition from manual to automated testing and train their entire internal team in under 9 months.

10 Year Staff Augmentation for Career Site Giant

10 Year Staff Augmentation for Career Site Giant

Our client was struggling to find local development talent. They were willing to move toward distributed teams, but needed their developers on the same schedule and able to deliver at the same level or higher as their internal team members. Learn how 1 number8 developer turned into 25 and how we’ve remained a preferred staffing vendor for over a decade.

Transitioning from India to Nearshore

Illustration of number8 case study on transitioning from India to nearshore software development

Our client was partnered with an offshore vendor that was over-staffing their account with sub par talent. This gap in skills was compounded by language and time zone barriers causing frequent project delays. Learn how number8 was able to effectively replace our client’s existing vendor with a 70% smaller staff and reduce their technical debt and production bugs by 50%.

Skilled Resources Hired to Implement New Platform

Skilled Resources Hired to Implement New Platform

Our client provides operating companies with in-house, purpose-built digital solutions to complex shipping needs. In order to continue to drive innovation, they needed to implement a platform that allowed them to automate workflows throughout their organization. Rather than tie up an existing internal team member, they turned to number8.

Why and How to Outsource a QA Team

Why and How to Outsource a QA Team

If you don't have an internal QA team, nearshore outsourcing can offer you the benefits of one at a fraction of the cost. Learn more!

How to Remain Agile While Outsourcing Software Development

How to Remain Agile While Outsourcing Software Development

Stick wondering if it's truly possible to retain agility while outsourcing software development? Read this guide to learn how to stay flexible and agile while outsourcing.

Why Latin America for Custom Software Development Outsourcing

Why Latin America for Custom Software Development

There are many locations to consider when outsourcing software development. Learn more about why Latin America should be at the top of your list!

Why and How to Migrate from .NET to .NET Core

Illustration for number8 white paper, Migrating from .NET to .NET Core

Migrating from . NET to .NET Core is the most impactful technical investment you can make right now. Our team at number8 took the time to detail the benefits and risks to consider during this transition.

The Importance of SOC Compliance & Secure Data Management within Consulting Organizations:

Illustration from number8 white paper on secure data management while outsourcing

Are your vendors able and willing to do everything in their power to make sure your data and products are secure? Learn more about what it means to be a SOC Compliant organization and why it should impact your vendor selection process.

Nearshore vs. Offshore vs. Onshore | Outsourcing Software Development

Two nearshore software development consultants working on IT project

What's the best path for outsourcing software development? Learn about the pros and cons of nearshore vs offshore vs onshore to help you decide

Why Companies are Struggling to Hire Great IT Talent

Image of interview for IT software development position

U.S. businesses are struggling to recruit and retain experienced development talent. Discover why this crisis exists and a smart solution for companies open to remote work.

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

Image of software development team embracing staff augmentation model

What is IT staff augmentation and how can it benefit your business? Get the answers here and learn why number8 should be your top choice.


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