High Hoops Hopes

High Hoop HopesToday marks the beginning of a national tradition that has no equal. The (arguably) best sixty-eight division one men’s college basketball teams in the country will be competing to be crowned champion of the hoops world. Baskets will be scored. Brackets will be busted. Hearts will be broken. And in the end, one team will reign supreme, winning the nation’s highest prize.

The competition is fierce. Student athletes who have been preparing their whole lives will fight for every loose ball and every point. Coaches who have dedicated their careers to the study of basketball will put their wits and strategies up against their opponents. Students, alumni, and casual fans will turn in to rabid supporters of their respective universities, urging their teams to victory.

The team that will come out on top is the team that makes the best use of its assets. No right-thinking coach would have their bruising power forward shooting threes or allow a tiny point guard to cover a giant center on the defensive end. Planning and execution are what will rule the day.

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