Getting Around

Transportation is ImportantThe city of Indianapolis, just two hours North of Prosoft Nearshore‘s Louisville headquarters, is gearing up for a debate about public transportation. City officials believe that more money is needed to revamp the options for Indy residents living without their own vehicles. The debate centers on the question of what type of transport should be provided.

Public transit is vital for any city. Being able to get from point A to point B is central to any successful entity, whether it is a business, individual, or city. Cable cars, subways, and trains are all efficient means of moving people into, around, and out of a metropolitan area. Costa Rica, home of our other offices, uses its regionally advanced infrastructure to provide an extensive bus network to help its population.

The ability to get where you’re trying to go is integral to businesses, too. The destination might not be as simple as a place on a map, but the process of arriving is just as important. Goals for any company can be assisted with efficient corporate partners. Finding the right software development outsourcing company is a great step towards meeting organizational goals. And just like a subway system might not be the right choice for Indianapolis, a software developer in Asia might not be right for your American company.

Using a nearshore solution in Central America is often a better choice. It allows businesses to work during standard American business hours by operating on Central Standard Time. It also provides better lines of communication and productivity.

Indianapolis officials are trying to make the right decisions for their citizens to help them get where they need to go. If your company is also looking for the best way to go, maybe it’s time to consider a way to outsource your software developing needs to a company like Prosoft Nearshore.