Vision – Powering the Growth of Enlightened Organizations

We believe that true success isn’t defined by our growth, but the growth of our customers. number8 consultants not only deliver on the commitments in which they’re hired, but also help companies learn and develop the processes needed to be successful with any offsite employee hired in the future.

Mission – To Help Our Clients Develop a Future Without Staffing Constraints

We constantly hear from our clients about the staffing constraints that limit their ability to get more done. Whether they can’t find the right local developer, or they’re underwhelmed with the availability of their current offsite team, they come to number8 ready for a solution. What they don’t expect is a long-term engagement that increases their ability to get more done permanently. Our clients no longer accrue the costs, waste the time or expend the company resources to find the talent they need on their development teams.

Find Solutions for your staffing restraints by talking to a number8 Relationship Manager.

Company Values

Customer Obsessed

Our first priority is guaranteeing the needs of our customers are met. This starts with the belief that our customers’ products and challenges are number8’s products and challenges.

Build for the Future, Prioritize for the Present

For our customers to be successful, it is imperative they consider the impact that daily decisions have on the future of their organization. At number8 our consultants are trained to consider future impact as they increase your velocity today.

Embrace Transparency

We ensure all work done by a number8 is completed with the highest degree of quality, honesty and integrity. We seek to own our errors, be realistic about the expectations we set and express courage in asking difficult questions.

Always Deliver on Commitments

Regardless of where a commitment is made, a commitment is just that. We seek to always deliver on what we’ve agreed to and constantly surpass what is common, usual and expected in every task we do.

Invest in Yourself

number8 supports our consultant’s continual personal investment in themselves. We believe that individual learning should be shared globally, and we encourage the development of new skills that help our clients progress toward their goals.

Cultivate Relationships

We value the relationships we develop with each other and with our clients. We believe strong professional relationships raise the quality of the industry for everyone.

Be Globally Accessible

number8 consultants, regardless of where they are physically, know that collaboration is integral to quality software and that collaboration starts with being available to the team and constantly connected to communication channels.

Earn the Title of number8

As a number8, our consultants are expected to be elite in everything they do. We only hire individuals that are able to achieve at the highest level in development, business analysis and architecture.


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    We’re Everywhere

    number8’s onshore office is located in Louisville, Kentucky where our Account and Relationship Managers work hard to provide all of our clients with exceptional customer service. We also have consultant offices located in Escazú, Costa Rica and San Pedro Sula, Honduras that give us a strong local presence allowing for top-level recruitment, technical training and low employee turnover.

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