Fantasy Business World

Fantasy Business WorldSince the days of JRR Tolkein’s masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings”, authors have been striving to write the perfect epic fantasy novel. Creating a world of amazing detail, clarity, and intrigue is a challenge that has been attempted by some of the greatest writers on Earth. It is a task that requires creativity, ingenuity, and staggering resolve.

From Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” to Patrick Rothfuss’ “Kingkiller Chronicles” with a hundred other attempts in between, the worlds of fantasy are constantly evolving and appearing. Whether they have dragons or elves, magic or mystery, the only real requirement for the genre is that they take place somewhere other than our known world. The best-selling books of all time, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, is fantasy. Yes, it takes place in our world, but not in a version that is recognizable.

The rules get changed by these talented authors. Rules of physics, rules of language, and rules of polite society. The massively popular “Game of Thrones” television program on HBO derives from the fantasy novels by George R R Martin, who treats earthly decency and morality with contempt. Nothing is sacred in these novels, except for entertaining their readers.

Brilliant business owners have been treating the rules of business the same way. Just because something has always been done one way does not mean that they ought to be done that way forever. For ages, software development outsourcing was considered the realm of East Asia, exclusively available in countries like India and Japan.

But great managers aren’t bound by mundane ideas. They recognized the attractive benefits of nearshore outsourcing solutions. There are talented software developers being groomed in Central America, capable of performing in java, C++, ruby on rails, or any other software development fields. Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, and especially Costa Rica offer these services with great new advantages. More time zone friendly, more accessible, and more familiar, these new solutions can help change the rules of software development outsourcing.

Work doesn’t need to include ogres and fairies to be fantastic. Rules were meant to be created, not lived in like shackles. Fantasy novelists and smart business owners have that mentality in common. Nearshore solutions like Prosoft Nearshore change the rules.