Falls City

Louisville, Falls CityWhile Prosoft Nearshore provides nearshore outsourcing solutions for software development in Costa Rica, our home office is actually located in Louisville, Kentucky. We ae proud of our ties to Central America, and we feel that nearshoring in the Central Time Zone with our Costa Rican office is great. But we are also proud of our hometown. Louisville is an amazing city that blends southern hospitality with mid-western sensibilities.

Falls City, a nickname for Louisville derived from its proximity to the falls of the Ohio River, is famous for a multitude of awesome reasons. From the Kentucky Derby to Louisville Slugger, from basketball glory to Muhammad Ali’s boxing royalty. From the invention of benedictine and even the cheeseburger to the home of Bourbon and a proud tradition of industry. Prosoft Nearshore is headquartered in a city with tradition and history. But it is also a city on the move.

Louisville has been rated by numerous magazines and media outlets as a city primed for growth and delightful to live in. It has developed a sense of identity as a great place to eat and find affordable entertainment. The Frankfort Avenue, Bardstown Road, and NuLu districts provide some of the best restaurants in the world. Forecastle Music Festival, Headliners, and the awe-inspiring Yum! Center bring the finest bands and acts to Louisville. The cost of living is reasonable and the people are congenial.

Prosoft Nearshore is a company that wants to work with the best partners. It’s no coincidence that our offices are located in Louisville and Costa Rica. For software development, outsourcing solutions, quality project management, and dependable employees, we think Costa Rica and Louisville are a perfect match.