Engagement Model

The number8 way

The number8 way is simple: by leveraging the best-practice tools and processes, there’s no reason a contributor in another location can’t be as effective as someone co-located.  By embracing our engagement model, number8 clients are able to increase team velocity without changing the way they work internally. (Naturally, the off-site team member needs to be number8 quality).

We bill hourly and focus our software engineering services on dedicated, long-term engagements. Our average length of engagement is more than three years for both on-shore and nearshore team members.

At number8, our team of software engineers, designers and quality assurance professionals work as an extension of our client’s team. Our clients are typically Agile in nature, so we participate in the daily scrums, sprint planning meetings, retrospectives, etc.

When you work with number8, you will have an Engagement Manager to ensure a dedicated focus on deliverables being met. In addition, our off-site software developers and have a high degree of fluency in both written and verbal English. They also work the same schedule as your team, so they are able to interact closely with your staff.

Number8 developers work under your direction, and you are allowed to select the software developers and  you want to work with on your team.  All of our offshore agile software developers have a U.S. travel visa and can easily visit your location for planning, team-building, software engineering services, project work, and more.

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