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Costa Rican Election DayFebruary 2nd marked a national election in Costa Rica. The National Liberation Party and the Citizen Action Party will remain in place as the government's two major parties, though the Broad Front Party had a strong showing as a leftist third party. The election continued the democratic tradition of Costa Rica.  It is widely recognized as one of the most stable and consistently well-run countries in all of South or Central America. The process worked exactly how it is supposed to work, with the population of Costa Rica removing potentially corrupt officials and replacing them with more trustworthy candidates. The stability of the government and economy in Costa Rica has led to an influx of business opportunities. Unlike other regional nations like Columbia, Mexico, and Chile, Costa Rica is able to focus on economic issues without fear of crumbling infrastructure or crippling government failures. Outsourcing companies are foregoing their offshoring methods and focusing on geographically closer options. With its growing economy and constantly improving quality of life, Costa Rica is now a destination for businesses and not just tourists. Companies like Prosoft Nearshore are taking advantage of the opportunities that such domestic tranquility provides. The elite levels of education and job training in Costa Rica offers software development outsourcing solutions in the convenient Central Time Zone. These are top-quality software developers and managers trained in all of the latest techniques and competencies. Prosoft Nearshore is proud to work with a nation that sets the gold standard for good government in a sometimes troubled region. Having complete confidence in the regulation and support for business owners is what allows us to call Costa Rica the ideal business partner. Nearshoring is a critical upgrade in software development outsourcing, and Prosoft Nearshore is able to stay on the cutting edge by working in the most stable nation in the region.

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