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Learn why leading agile organizations are turning toward nearshore software development for their custom software solutions. Discover what technical processes can increase offsite productivity and learn what to look for in a nearshore partner. The number8 Playbook is your ultimate guide to delivering better software in 2020.

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We specialize in adding highly-skilled, versatile developers to your team.

Our clients depend on our consultants to be in their scrums every day contributing at a high level, so number8 consultants must be experienced developers and communicators with diverse skills; ready to tackle whatever comes out of the scrum. We’re not a separate team. We make your team better.


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Our consultants become long-term assets to our clients. Skilled in the most modern tools and technologies they bring new ideas to your team to help you innovate for the future. Over 77% of current number8 clients have hired an additional number8 consultant after realizing the value our consultants add to their teams.

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There are technical practices we’ve found dramatically increase our consultant’s ability to produce significant contributions to our client teams. In this 5 minute assessment, we’ll ask you about your release schedule, Ci/CD and development practices and let you know if you’ve removed the common barriers to hiring a nearshore consultant.

It is important to note that if none or only a few of these practices are in place that it does not mean that the engagement will struggle. This simply means that more focus upfront will be needed to ensure that both the client and number8 consultant will be aligned on where we can help one another succeed.

Common constraints holding you back from getting more done?


My team isn’t big enough to deliver on commitments.

Aggressive timelines, limited budgets and a need for additional developers make it difficult to meet delivery deadlines.


Hiring local developers isn’t possible.

Small talent pools of specific technologies make it difficult to find and hire qualified local candidates.


My remote team isn’t available when I need them.

Many offshore teams work on opposite schedules and time-zones making it difficult to collaborate during traditional office hours in the United States.

our clients love us

What a few of our customer’s say
about partnering with number8


Director Of Engineering Louisville, Kentucky

Leveraging number8 resources as staff augmentation for our Kanban engineering team was a great experience. The talent was competent and quick to add value to work in queue. Getting them in place was simple and the technology brought by number8 ensured the partnership with remote resources was seamless and effective.


Senior Software Developer FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS

I have 3 number8 developers working with me. We are kind of a little family at this point. We work together like a well-oiled machine. number8 consultants do excellent work. They know so much about us, it’s been around 4 years now working with them, and I’d love to keep them working with me.


Director Of Software Development CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA

We’ve had communication challenges with other companies we’ve worked with, but communication is a lot better with the number8 team. If they have a question, they ask. The developers are pretty clear on what they need to do.


Consulting Architect Louisville, Kentucky

Working with number8 consultants was like working with senior developers in the US. I was able to give high-level technical direction to the consultants on my team and they were able to run with it. I was most surprised by their ability to understand the business problems we were trying to solve without very detailed explanations.

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number8 provides you with cost-efficient access to highly skilled and versatile developers to help you speed up development, so you can focus on what’s really important, delivering on time and on budget.

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