Thinking About Doing Business in Costa Rica? Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should

10 Benefits of doing business in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a bustling Central American country full of rich history and tradition. Because this country is known for its strong economy, safety and culture, many American companies have built offshore locations here in recent years. General Electric, IBM, Procter & Gamble and number8, to name a few, are examples of some of the U.S. based companies with nearshore offices in Costa Rica. Further, 25 percent of the top Fortune 50 companies, including Wal-Mart have decided to set up another store location in this Central American country.

10 Reasons to Feel Great about Doing Business in Costa Rica

There are many reasons for relocating offshore to Costa Rica. Here are 10 reasons why you can feel great about doing business in Costa Rica.

  1. Location: Costa Rica is located along the Pacific Ocean with nearly 800 miles of coastline. Being located only 3.5 hours from the United States, Costa Rica offers U.S. businesses easy and affordable access.
  2. Safety: Costa Rica is considered the safest country in Latin America. You do not have to worry about walking on the streets at night in Costa Rica, or any other safety concerns. This is a friendly country that is known for providing comfort and protection to its visitors.
  3. Education: This country has a literacy rate of about 95 percent. Their labor force in Costa Rica is one of the most important resources in the country, and many of these workers specialize in Information Technology and other technical fields.
  4. Climate: Costa Rica is known for its year-round tropical climate. These agreeable living conditions make completing work almost as enjoyable as a day at the beach.
  5. Transportation: Costa Rica is equipped with several types of transportation methods. You can walk, drive, fly or ride your bike to most locations. Traveling by land, sea and air is not difficult in this country.
  6. Communications: While the official language in Costa Rica is Spanish, many Costa Rican citizens are bilingual, so speaking English is not an issue. Also, this country has access to the internet, mobile phone usage and local TV, radio and newspaper communications. Costa Rica is very well connected and communication is not a challenge.
  7. Government: Costa Rica has been independent since 1821. Since this time, the country has enjoyed a democratic government system with free elections. Costa Rican citizens are encouraged to participate in public and political life. This democratic environment makes handling business in Costa Rica familiar and understandable.
  8. Culture: As mentioned previously, Costa Rica has a rich culture full of history, spirit and tradition. Costa Ricans are proud of their heritage and continue to celebrate their history and culture with many unique festivals and holidays.
  9. Economy: Costa Rica has a bustling economy, making business a valuable and rewarding experience. Doing business in Costa Rica can be considered a favorable investment with both tangible and intangible benefits for most companies.
  10. Pura Vida: Many Costa Ricans have adopted a Pura Vida way of life. This means “pure life.” This easy-going and friendly lifestyle makes business in Costa Rica meaningful. Many American companies doing business in Costa Rica find unexpected benefits from the Pura Vida lifestyle, in part because it reminds people that there is more to life than business deals.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer American businesses looking to move services to a convenient offshore location. To learn more about working with a U.S. based software development company that also has software development offices in Costa Rica, contact number8 today by email or phone at: 502-890-7675.