Dinosaurs and TechnologySteven Spielberg’s colossal blockbuster hit movie Jurassic Park is set on an island paradise that becomes a playground for prehistoric beasts that eventually terrorize the scientists and accidental tourists in the park. When Michael Crichton was writing the book, when he thought of an island paradise, he thought of Costa Rica. The movie took place was on a fictional island just off the Costa Rican coast.

The tale of Jurassic Park is well known. Brilliant engineers, technicians, developers, and scientists perform genetic miracles to bring dinosaurs back to life. They take giant leaps forward in the field of genetics and bio-engineering. And then, the technology outpaces the humans and everyone gets eaten or chased offshore.

Jurassic Park is a fantastic book and an even better movie. The story is visually compelling, intense, and fun. But it’s so much more. It’s also a cautionary tale. When we develop things faster than we understand them, when we do things just because we can, human beings often fail. Catastrophically.

The business world is the same way. A new trend or idea will catch fire and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action. Then everyone is pushing that trend as far and as fast as it can go. And who can blame them? The history of American capitalism can be written in stories of pushing ideas as far and as fast as they can go. But the history of American capitalism contains a lot of stories about companies falling hard and fast. Or being eaten by dinosaurs.

The most successful companies know that a marriage between classic practices and new technologies is the way to thrive.  Stick to the basic principles of business and occasionally roll the dice on a hot new idea. Perfection and innovation working together.

Prosoft Nearshore works hard to keep our partners moving forward. We won’t let our clients become dinosaurs, but we won’t let them be eaten either. Using nearshore software development outsourcing is a great way to get great project managers who are at the forefront of software development, while also gaining all the modern advantages of nearshoring. The fact that our corporate offices are in Costa Rica is just a happy coincidence.