Costa Rica: One of the top remote collaboration technology leaders

Team Organization and CollaborationBy David Easterling

I was meeting a client for lunch yesterday and he asked he should invite David to join us.  I asked “David who?”  He reminded me that my team lead for that account, who is based in Costa Rica, was in the office this week.  I had forgotten.  David is sort of a world traveler, so it’s hard to nail down exactly where he is at any given moment.  His girlfriend has been living in Kuala Lumpur for the past year, so occasionally he will work from there for a month or so.  He also has a sister in Germany, so he spent a few weeks there last year as well.  David is originally from Honduras, but recently emigrated to Costa Rica, so we have all decided it’s sort of irrelevant where he is and way too hard to track.  The one place we always know he’ll be is on Skype and Lync every morning at 8:00 AM PT and in the standup at 9:30.  We always know where his code will be too:  checked in nightly in TFS.  Our clients love the attractive relative proximity of Costa Rica, but it’s working on the same code base at the same time that has the real value — and that can be done from virtually anywhere.  As a result Prosoft employees are prone to roam the earth from time to time.  Orlando is on an extended visit to Brazil.  Esteban regularly comes to the U.S. to DJ huge raves.  Lenin spends a fair amount of time in Pennsylvania.  Each of these guys works a full schedule while they are traveling and the client doesn’t miss a beat.  We’re really entering a new age of remote collaboration.  It’s fun to be a part of it and we’ve only scratched the surface.