Costa Rica is a Setting for Success

Costa Rica is a beautiful country filled with rich culture, a comfortable tropical climate and truly breath-taking scenery. This hot tourist attraction is also the setting for the new blockbuster release, “Jurassic World.”  Only 22 years after the destruction that occurred at Jurassic Park, a new fully-functioning dinosaur theme park, called Jurassic World, is captivating visitors of all kinds.Dinosaurs

This truly entertaining movie is quickly making its way across the $1 billion line at the global box office with an energetic and talented cast that includes Jimmy Fallon, Katie McGrath, BD Wong, Omar Sy and Jake Johnson, to name a few. And even better – it’s projected to make this move faster than any other blockbuster in history! The innovation and ingenuity throughout the film is what makes it so successful.

Without spoiling the plot for any of you who haven’t seen it yet, the movie takes place at Jurassic World, a luxury resort that features a special habitat for numerous dinosaurs that have been genetically engineered (including a particularly smart and dangerous Indominus rex). Of course the movie is complete with an escape scene that sets off a whole host of additional problems…leading to help from animal experts and the military.

Some of the best scenes throughout the movie showcase the technological advancements and genetic discoveries featured in the park. This movie sparks a lot of thought and research. While watching the movie, viewers feel as though they are getting to walk through this incredible theme park, filled with magnificent creatures. While the graphics played a huge role in the success of this movie, the creation of the story line is what keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Dinosaurs 2With business operations in the U.S. and Costa Rica, we are often in a position to champion all that is great about Central America, and more specifically Costa Rica. To all of us at number8, it is really exciting to see a popular movie take place in one of our favorite locations. Cocos Island, designated as a National Park just off the coast of Costa Rica, is the actual island used for filming the movie.

While in “Jurassic World” people are flocking to Costa Rica in search of dinosaurs, in real life this country has become a hotspot for business opportunities. The combination of a talented and dedicated workforce, easy accessibility from many US cities, and a business-friendly culture rich in beauty and history make Costa Rica an excellent choice for all types of industries including the film industry.