Coffee, anyone?

Coffee and Costa RicaEveryone knows that Starbucks is synonymous with coffee shops. They are ubiquitous. You can find a Starbucks in every city, suburb, or town in the world. From Columbia to Great Britain, from Costa Rica to India, they are simply everywhere. But how did that happen? How did a little coffee shop from Seattle get outsourced to every corner of the globe?

One can point to corporate strategies and the vertical integration of their distributors or the hundreds of characteristics common in any well-run company, but that fails to tell the real story. The real story is the time-honored tale of supply and demand. Starbucks recognized that overall coffee consumption was going down in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but that specialty drink sales were climbing. They focused on what the market really needed. The burgeoning market for lattes and cappuccinos was booming in tech savvy Seattle. So internet programmers and software developers drank at a local Starbucks and told their networks of friends on all continents. Starbucks was run by smart people who saw the opportunity to expand. An empire was born.

We at Prosoft Nearshore are taking the same path. We recognized the need for software development solutions that work congruent hours with their American clients. Prosoft supplied for this need by developing an outsourcing option in Costa Rica. Called nearshoring, this practice allows our partners to get top quality software development on their own natural schedules.

By being an industry leader in the nearshore revolution, we trust the same laws of business that made Starbucks a success: Find a product that someone needs, provide the best version of that product, and then let our reputation spread. Look over the software services we provide at and we believe you’ll want to partner with us. Meet with a Prosoft project manager. When you do, the Starbucks will be on us!