Cell Phone Fun


Contact Prosoft Nearshore Today There are now cell phones that you can wear like glasses.  There are cell phones that you can wear like wrist watches.  There are cell phones that you can wear on your arm while you work out.  There are quite literally cell phones that come in every shape, size, form, and function.  Ten years ago, cell phones were thoroughly common, but the touch screen phone did not yet exist.  Now, any phone that isn’t “smart” is essentially a relic.

Cell phones are only one example of how quickly trends and technologies change.  Laptops, tablets, televisions, and MP3’s are all in the same boat, but cell phones are a clear line that traces modern history.  From the giant Saved By the Bell Zach Morris phone to the tiny models of today,  cell phones have continued to advance.

Business practices evolve and adapt in the same way.  Outsourcing has been a positive method of software development for decades, but only in recent years have people recognized the massive benefits of nearshore outsourcing.  Rather than sending work half a world away with all of the custom and time differences to be accounted for, nearshore software development outsourcing leaves work closer to home.  Places like Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina, often in the Central Time Zone, are replacing the giant cell phone relics of India and Japan.

Prosoft Nearshore does its business in Costa Rica, allowing great communication with our developers on your schedule.  The peaceful democratic climate of Costa Rica and burgeoning education centers allow us to hire well-trained developers in agile, c++, ruby on rails, and java that will work with American managers to provide the best work experience possible.

The world of cell phone technology will continue to evolve.  We could all be wearing phone contact lenses one day.  And the business world will evolve, too.  Prosoft Nearshore will never let our partners fall behind the times.