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Warn user about unsaved changes before leaving the page

An Editing Session Handler for Navigating Away Alerts Hey we all have gone thru the job of making sure a user doesn’t have pending modifications to be saved before navigating away from our page. If you haven’t, then I sure hope this helps you out. The way I see this, there are 2 main scenarios […]

Acceptance Test-Driven Development

In our constant effort to continually improve our software processes, we’re beginning to explore Acceptance Test-Driven Development!    This would fit in with the current Agile model we employ and would help make sure we have more buy-in from the Product Owner in the planning process and make it easier for him/her at the same time. Acceptance […]

Simple Mail Service

Over the past years, I’ve found myself having to write down a mailing component for the projects that I’ve been involved… but none like this one that I decided to post. First of all, I want to set the disclaimer that I do not think this is a revolutionary design or even unique in any […]

Message from the President

Four years ago, I knew as much about Costa Rica as I did about Aruba or Puerto Rico or a number of other vacation destinations.  I knew it as a tropical paradise that was on my list to visit, but that was about it.  It wasn’t until one of my clients began assembling a development […]

Welcome to the number8 Blog

Hi there you, We give you the warmest welcome to the number8 blog (previously Prosoft Nearshore). Our people have been working on posting important information on this blog, and we sincerely hope you will find this helpful. Our Management and Technical Staff post here information relevant to their business domain, and that you can browse around […]