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Costa Rica rated in Top 10

Costa Rica is rated one of the Best Countries for Outsourcing by Tholons (read more)

Using AutoMapper to update Entity Framework properties

Ever found your self in need to auto map properties from one Entity Framework property to another (maybe even of the same type)? Here’s an example of when you would need to do this. We just faced the need of receiving from a JSON service some data that matches the properties of an Entity, and […]

Localizing files (*.jpg, *.css, *.js, etc) in ASP.NET

Well, I ran into this challenge today and figure I would share it. When initially browsing for an already-made solution I found people that would create a new Helper Method (in ASP.NET MVC) to generate localized URLs for content, but I just didn’t like this approach. Just for the record, here’s a link of where I read about […]

What does “Senior Developer” mean?

I gave myself the task of determining, for our organization, what does “Senior Developer” mean? Really there’s no absolute definition for it, but I lay here a set of aspects and what expectations are there for a Senior… How much experience must a Senior have? This is one of the most confusing parts of defining […]

Warn user about unsaved changes before leaving the page

An Editing Session Handler for Navigating Away Alerts Hey we all have gone thru the job of making sure a user doesn’t have pending modifications to be saved before navigating away from our page. If you haven’t, then I sure hope this helps you out. The way I see this, there are 2 main scenarios […]