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Nearshore Supremacy

Software developers understand that change is just a part of the industry. For talented software engineers, adapting to new technologies and business climates is all part of the job. The same holds true for the clients of those developers. ‘Adapt or Die’ is a phrase that is all too common in the modern business world. […]

3 Reasons To Use Nearshore Versus Offshore Outsourcing

By Robert Thomas Everyone knows about offshore outsourcing services but nearshore is quickly becoming the more popular method. There are a number of reasons why companies are choosing nearshore instead of Asian or India, and we’re going to highlight three main nearshore outsourcing advantages in this article: 1. Proximity Sure, you can send your business […]

3 Benefits Of Agile Software Development

By Robert Thomas Agile is one of the buzz words in IT these days and there’s a reason why it’s gaining popularity. The Agile method is a method of developing software solutions, which can range from anything like websites, apps and much more. The idea is to deliver an awesome result while maximizing business value […]

Web UI Migrations with ASP.NET MVC

Introduction We recently faced a challenge in the project that I’ve been working on, to start working on the Web UI migration to a brand new Look and Feel UI. This sounds great, cause this is not just a minor tweak of visual elements… this is a fully blown rearchitecture of the Front End of […]

New Office Construction Update

The new office construction in Costa Rica is taking shape as the electrical wiring has been completed, drywall has been hung, fire prevention is in-place and the air conditioning units are installed.  We’re really looking forward to having the new space as a more comfortable collaboration space for teams to work with their U.S.-based teammates.  […]