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When “The Office” debuted on NBC, it was a brand new way to do an American television series. The fake documentary was a sharp departure from typical situation comedies which relied on what is called ‘single camera’ shooting. Rather than having a few camera angles to shoot static action, the camera followed the characters through […]

Olympic Glory

The winter Olympics are usually dominated by nations that have a winter. During the opening ceremonies one might occasionally see an athlete from Central America. A national flag for countries like Columbia or Ecuador might be carried by their lone representative. But this is the exception. Most winter Olympic athletes and audiences are from cold-weather […]

5 Tips to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Every company is looking to maximize the work put in by its employees. It’s simple economics… Get as much quality work from your employees in as little time as possible. The key to achieving this is almost always to make your workplace a model of efficiency. Here are five ways to do it. 1. Eliminate […]

Electing Relevance

February 2nd marked a national election in Costa Rica. The National Liberation Party and the Citizen Action Party will remain in place as the government’s two major parties, though the Broad Front Party had a strong showing as a leftist third party. The election continued the democratic tradition of Costa Rica.  It is widely recognized […]

What Time Is It?

Up until 1918, asking “What time is it?” in America would have been a silly question. Local governments used some form of the solar calendar (putting noon when the sun was highest in the sky) to determine the time. By the time railroads came in to common use, a person could take a train for […]