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Moving to the Beat

Music has a place of great social and historical importance to Costa Rica. The Central American nation is an amazing blend of cultures, traditions, and musical styles. From reggae and calypso to folk music and jazz, Costa Rica melds some of the greatest music variations into their own distinct flavor. We at Prosoft Nearshore definitely […]

Outsourcing Makes Sense

Outsourcing is not an easy decision. And it shouldn’t be an easy decision. Moving work away from employees that you know and then trusting someone new hundreds or even thousands of miles away is daunting. Why do smart companies outsource their software development? There is no single answer. Every company has different needs and each […]


Steven Spielberg’s colossal blockbuster hit movie Jurassic Park is set on an island paradise that becomes a playground for prehistoric beasts that eventually terrorize the scientists and accidental tourists in the park. When Michael Crichton was writing the book, when he thought of an island paradise, he thought of Costa Rica. The movie took place […]

Wild, Wild, Wildlife

Costa Rica is home to some of the world’s greatest bio-diversity. Their tropical rain forest climate breeds an amazing assortment of plants and animals, some of which can be found nowhere else on the planet. The work that conservationists have done to limit development has helped to save some of those species for future generations. […]

Awards Season

From the People’s Choice Awards on January 8th until the Academy Awards on March 2nd, Hollywood is in full award’s show season. Nearly a full two months are spent as big production companies outsource their back-patting to the American public and small groups of impartial judges. Nearly every weekend during that time is spent congratulating […]