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Make the Call

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the first conventionally operational telephone, saying “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” These simple words capped decades of research by dozens of scientists and became known as the birth of the modern telephone. Telemarketers soon followed. Communication has never been the same. Today, a person […]

High Hoops Hopes

Today marks the beginning of a national tradition that has no equal. The (arguably) best sixty-eight division one men’s college basketball teams in the country will be competing to be crowned champion of the hoops world. Baskets will be scored. Brackets will be busted. Hearts will be broken. And in the end, one team will […]

Whiskey, Straight

Whiskey has long been the drink of choice for a large segment of the world. From Scotch to Bourbon, Irish Whiskey to Canadian Rye, people everywhere love “the water of life.” And while the mixtures of spirit may change from brand to brand and variety to variety, the core principles behind whiskey have remained the […]


Besides being the home of Prosoft Nearshore, Costa Rica boasts some of the world’s most fascinating volcanoes. Several, including Irazu, Poas, and Turrialba, are active. Major eruptions haven’t occurred in the last few decades, but geysers, minor lava flows, and smoke are visible to tourists. A volcano is a truly remarkable natural phenomenon. Pressure, magma, […]

Falls City

While Prosoft Nearshore provides nearshore outsourcing solutions for software development in Costa Rica, our home office is actually located in Louisville, Kentucky. We ae proud of our ties to Central America, and we feel that nearshoring in the Central Time Zone with our Costa Rican office is great. But we are also proud of our […]