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3 Benefits Of Agile Software Development

By Robert Thomas Agile is one of the buzz words in IT these days and there’s a reason why it’s gaining popularity. The Agile method is a method of developing software solutions, which can range from anything like websites, apps and much more. The idea is to deliver an awesome result while maximizing business value […]

Web UI Migrations with ASP.NET MVC

Introduction We recently faced a challenge in the project that I’ve been working on, to start working on the Web UI migration to a brand new Look and Feel UI. This sounds great, cause this is not just a minor tweak of visual elements… this is a fully blown rearchitecture of the Front End of […]

New Office Construction Update

The new office construction in Costa Rica is taking shape as the electrical wiring has been completed, drywall has been hung, fire prevention is in-place and the air conditioning units are installed.  We’re really looking forward to having the new space as a more comfortable collaboration space for teams to work with their U.S.-based teammates.  […]

Effective tools and tips for successful software developers teams

By David Easterling I met with a client yesterday that has a team of four software developers with us.  We have been working with them for three years, so everyone is very familiar and we contribute quite a bit in design phase.  They use Skype for standups and chat and some screen share.  We were talking about […]

Costa Rica: One of the top remote collaboration technology leaders

By David Easterling I was meeting a client for lunch yesterday and he asked he should invite David to join us.  I asked “David who?”  He reminded me that my team lead for that account, who is based in Costa Rica, was in the office this week.  I had forgotten.  David is sort of a world traveler, […]