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Matrimonial Bliss

As June makes its long-awaited appearance, a great tradition begins unfolding in America. All across the country people will trudge out to their respective mailboxes and receive the one thing besides coupons that still arrives via the United States Post Office: wedding invitations. Wedding season is upon us. In ballrooms and gardens, convention centers and […]

Refreshing Change of Pace

Refreshment comes in a hundred different forms. Finding the perfect way to quench your thirst is a daunting task. As the weather warms up and the sweat starts to form, people all over the world are seeking the ideal beverage to satisfy their needs. Water always works, but it can be a bit dull. An […]

Fantasy Business World

Since the days of JRR Tolkein’s masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings”, authors have been striving to write the perfect epic fantasy novel. Creating a world of amazing detail, clarity, and intrigue is a challenge that has been attempted by some of the greatest writers on Earth. It is a task that requires creativity, ingenuity, […]

Race to the Finish

The Preakness Stakes is set to be run this weekend. The second race for the prestigious Triple Crown is a proud tradition, having been raced between 3 year old horses since 1875. It will be followed in three weeks by the Belmont Stakes. Hundreds of thousands of spectators will descend on Baltimore from around the […]

Big Cat Fancy

Cats are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. They have nine lives. They always land on their feet. They can see in the dark. They have fascinated mankind for literally thousands of years. Some of the stories that have surrounded this predatory mammal are true, some are completely ridiculous, and some are […]