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Big CatsCats are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. They have nine lives. They always land on their feet. They can see in the dark. They have fascinated mankind for literally thousands of years. Some of the stories that have surrounded this predatory mammal are true, some are completely ridiculous, and some are subject to blind faith. Maybe the Egyptians were right and cats should be worshiped above all creatures. It's hard to know for sure. But it's not hard to know a few facts. They come in all sizes, from the mighty tigers down to the tiniest house cats. Their diet can range from insects and fish to huge mammals like wildebeests and even elephants. They can be found on every continent save for Antarctica. The fact that they are so widespread is evidence of their evolutionary capabilities. Cats have evolved to fit into every type of environment. Some are agile tree climbers, others have blinding speed. Some have immense jaw power, others have incredible dexterity. Businesses need to evolve in the same way. Understanding and reacting to the marketplace is vital to any successful enterprise. Market trends can change with cat-like quickness, and the wise business owners are prepared to deal with anything that comes their way. Being able to utilize new techniques and take advantage of growing resources is a key to taking down the competition the way a cheetah wrestles down a gazelle. Nearshore software development outsourcing is one of these up and coming methodologies. Gone are the days when outsourcing meant exclusively dealing with offshore companies in India or other portions of Asia. Companies such as Prosoft Nearshore have evolved to fill the needs of companies that need high-quality software development that works on the same clock they do. Being located in Costa Rica (home of majestic jaguars and ocelots), Prosoft Nearshore is like catnip to those seeking a partner in the Central Time Zone. When one is putting together a business plan, they should consider the lessons of our fair feline friends. Evolve. Adapt. Expand. Getting into business with organizations that make the most of modern technology and convenience might be what keeps your businesses from being run out of town on rails.

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