Best Costa Rica Travel Blog of 2015

best costa rica travel blogThere are so many great travel blogs out there, all trying to accomplish the same task of telling readers about memorable experiences and journeys through unchartered areas. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica or are even considering moving to the country, find an interesting Costa Rica travel blog for insider information, great recommendations, and helpful advice. While many Costa Rica travel blogs tend to stick to the same blog format, some go beyond expectations and provide you with information you really can’t find anywhere else.

Looking for a great Costa Rica travel blog? Here’s a list of our top 5:

  1. Costa Rica Travel Blog –
    This blog is maintained by Nikki and Ricky, a young, married couple who are all about embracing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Their blog format is filled with informational stories and posts, along with pictures! For every category, including: travel tips, tours and activities, dining, and so much more, there are great articles and tips for every reader! Their site has earned several blog and travel awards and that is why they are at the top of our list!
  2. Two Weeks in Costa Rica –
    With a clean layout and tons of posts, this blog has become a great piece of literature for any planning an adventure. This site is run by an American couple that decided to leave their office jobs and head south for comfort and freedom! Their site shares awesome information about anything that has to do with trip planning and daily life in Costa Rica. Matthew and Jennifer keep the site very well updated and have even published two books from this concept. They love sharing their experience in Costa Rica with readers!
  3. Del La Pura Vida –
    With great interaction and timely posts, Erin, a native from the U.S., shares her move to Costa Rica with her readers. Erin has designed the site to help those interested in various Costa Rican destinations or topics. Her site is very well managed, and her blog posts have been extremely helpful for those looking to travel Costa Rica. She also offers insights for people interested in moving from the U.S. to Costa Rica. Erin spends her time blogging and also teaching children English in Costa Rica. Her blog has not only been a tool for travelers, but teachers as well!
  4. The REAL Costa Rica –
    While this blog’s appearance may be a little different, it is filled with tons of very useful information! Topics covered on this blog range anywhere from how much to tip in Costa Rica to how to rent a beach house. All of this information is extremely valuable for tourists or those wishing to make Costa Rica their new home.
  5. Costa Rica Escapes –
    “An Authentic Travel Experience,” may be the slogan of this blog, but it’s really so much more! This blog has posts covering a wide variety of topics and pictures to fulfill your sensory needs. On the side of the website, there are helpful itineraries. Whether you are a student, honeymooner or business traveler looking to spend some time wisely in Costa Rica, there is information for you. The blog posts might not be a frequent as the other sites mentioned, but it does accomplish its mission statement by providing readers with an authentic view of Costa Rican travel. This is a great excursion tool, as well as a good read!

Each Costa Rica travel blog is unique in terms of appearance and content. Whether you choose to subscribe to one page, or simply glimpse at these posts, these bloggers are definitely doing a great job sharing relevant and interesting information about traveling to Costa Rica. While there are a number of benefits to nearshore software development services, a major one is the convenience of actually being able to meet in-person with your offshore software development team. If you are thinking about visiting Costa Rica some time soon, check out a few of these travel blogs while you plan out your itinerary.