Awards Season

Prosoft Nearshore Awards YouFrom the People’s Choice Awards on January 8th until the Academy Awards on March 2nd, Hollywood is in full award’s show season. Nearly a full two months are spent as big production companies outsource their back-patting to the American public and small groups of impartial judges.

Nearly every weekend during that time is spent congratulating each other on a job well done. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every industry got to spend so much time, money, and enthusiasm on telling it’s compatriots how awesome they are? Imagine if there was an awards show season for plumbers. Or for software developers. Or teachers.

Sure, most of these groups have ways of offering praise and recognition But none of them have more than fifteen banquets essentially rewarding the same prizes. Nor does the software developer awards have as nice of a gift basket.

While we at Prosoft Nearshore don’t have the ability to throw award shows for all the professionals from North America to Asia, from Europe to Central America, we would still like to offer a heart felt thank you to all the hard working individuals, all the forward thinking companies, and to all the industry changing advances in the past year. You all deserve a giant pat on the back and a round of applause.

We at Prosoft Nearshore know that the industry of nearshore software development outsourcing isn’t about to start having lavish parties thrown in its honor. But everyday we try to win the only award we care about: The respect of our partners.

But hey, George Clooney probably looks better in a tuxedo than we do.