Agile Development Methodology

What software methodology do you prefer on projects?

We prefer an agile development methodology, and have been using an agile approach since we opened our first nearshore office in San José, Costa Rica, in 2008. In fact, interest in feature-driven development is really what got us into nearshore software development in the first place.

David Easterling, the founder of number8, fell in love with scrum and became a Certified Scrum Master in 2008. Up until that point, all of our work had been on-site in the U.S. David realized how difficult it would be for clients to adopt scrum while working with offshore software development teams abroad.

Determined to find an effective solution to this challenge, he researched the best places to find  developers. Through this process, David identified San Jose, Costa Rica, as the most desirable place to start number8.

Over the years, number8 has developed and expanded to include a talented team of more than 150 off shore employees. This crew includes software developers, designers, business analysts and quality assurance analysts. The number8 team enjoys working with companies in locations across the U.S. including California, New York, Georgia, Florida, Washington and of course, Kentucky.

One of the greatest values we bring to our customers, compared to traditional offshore outsourcing, is that our nearshore location enables us to augment scrum teams without the added burden of increased specifications, communication difficulties and rework.

Our most successful clients integrate our agile software developers into their onsite teams to better leverage their subject matter experts and to really increase team velocity. Interested in learning more about our agile development methdology? Give us a call today at 502-890-7665.