5 Tips to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Increase EfficencyEvery company is looking to maximize the work put in by its employees. It’s simple economics… Get as much quality work from your employees in as little time as possible. The key to achieving this is almost always to make your workplace a model of efficiency. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Eliminate Waste

Most companies have at least a few employees working really hard on a process that doesn’t even need to be done. Find the reports that no one uses. Locate the step in production that could be shortened. The best way to eliminate waste is to map the processes being performed, and study those maps for waste.

2. Get Rid of Down Time

Breaks are important, but when your employees can’t work because department is bottle-necking the work and keeping workers in other departments with nothing to do, it’s infuriating. Look at the process map and see where work gets slowed down. Maximize the hands on deck for that department.

3. Keep Up With Technology

It’s a modern world, have a modern office. There are machines and software developments that can speed up your workflow. Take advantage of them. Every few months do a quick run through and make sure that you are using the most advanced technology possible.

4. Encourage Employee Opinions

You’re the boss. You should know the whole company. But the supervisors and workers actually doing their individual jobs will know the best ways to get them done. They also know the barriers keeping them from reaching their potential. Encourage them to collaborate on the solutions.

5. Work Happy

Crankiness and dissatisfaction will kill productivity. And attitude starts at the top. Pass your positivity down the chain by promoting a workplace that is fun. After putting in these new measures you’re going to make a lot more money. Share that money. Productivity bonuses are a nice motivation.

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