3 New Reasons Why Costa Rica is a Great Location for Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development in costa ricaWhether you are new to offshore software development, or have years of experience, you may wonder what countries offer the best services. We’ve been in the software development business since the 1990s and the offshore software development business for about 7 years.

Before we decided to offer offshore software development services, we did a lot of research. We wanted to choose the right location for our business based on a number of factors. We knew we wanted a convenient offshore location that would be easy to access from the U.S. We also wanted a country that had high literacy rates, with a significant percentage of bilingual professionals who speak English and Spanish. We focused on countries that offered high quality training in information technology, and also places that had a sound infrastructure and ready-access to the internet.

Costa Rica was everything we were looking for, and has turned out to exceed our expectations in many different ways. Here are three new reasons why we are glad we chose Costa Rica for our offshore software development business.

  1. Costa Rica is Spending Millions in Air Traffic Control Upgrades – Getting to Costa Rica from the USA is easy, and it is about to get even easier, with an estimated $12 million investment the country is making in air traffic control upgrades. The upgrades will impact the international airports of Juan Santamaría, the Daniel Oduber Quirós, in Liberia, Costa Rica, and the Tobías Bolaños Palma, which also serves San Jose. For a complete overview of the updates planned, see this press release.
  2. Doing Business in Costa Rica is Only Getting Easier – While many U.S.-based companies have enjoyed the benefits of doing business in Costa Rica for a long time, the country is continuing to cultivate a more favorable business climate. In fact, a study by the World Bank titled “Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency” recently ranked Costa Rica at the top of the list of countries (along with Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, and Kazakhstan) where doing business has improved the most during the past year. Costa Rica jumped up 21 spots to #58 out of a total of 189 countries surveyed.
  3. Costa Rica is Ranked the Healthiest Country in Latin America – In a World Bank study that looks at 145 countries, Costa Rica Ranks #24 (just behind Canada) and ahead of the United States which ranks #33. The country’s health care system is one of the major reasons it’s ranking is so high. Analysts also note that Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. And the link between happiness and health is likely to also have a powerful impact.

If you are considering offshore software development services, we hope you put Costa Rica high on your list. If you’d like more information from a company that has 7 successful years offering offshore software development with developers in Costa Rica, give us a call. We’d love to learn more about your business, and to talk with you about the offshore software development services that we offer.