3 Benefits Of Agile Software Development

3 Reasons for AgileBy Robert Thomas

Agile is one of the buzz words in IT these days and there’s a reason why it’s gaining popularity. The Agile method is a method of developing software solutions, which can range from anything like websites, apps and much more. The idea is to deliver an awesome result while maximizing business value while minimizing the overhead.

In this article, we’ve highlighted three great features of the Agile development process:

1. Stakeholder Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of using the Agile method is that there’s consistent stakeholder engagement. If you use the waterfall method, the stakeholders have their input at the beginning, then everyone goes off and codes to the blueprint, and then weeks or months later we see a finished product. The Agile method allows for constant feedback. By involving the client regularly, they can provide their input and get a finished product that’s closer to what they’re looking for.

2. Transparency

Often times, clients feel left out of the development process. However, that’s not the case with the Agile approach as it provides complete transparency right through the get-go.

This is important because it allows the clients to jump in at any point and offer their assessment. Obviously, the client will appreciate that they aren’t looking at a finished product but at least they get to see something as it happens. The client gets to see the work in progress instead of being left in the dark until the very end.


3. Improving Quality

With the Agile method, the project is broken up into manageable units. That means the project team can focus on producing high-quality development, testing and collaboration. Since it’s broken up into segments, there’s more testing and more reviewing throughout each iteration, which means that quality is improved at every level. By finding and fixing the defects early, any type of identification mismatch can be zeroed in and addressed right away. In the end, the Agile method produces a better end result.