Top U.S. Tech Cities – 5 Traits They Have In Common

top u.s. tech citiesAmazon has been making waves across the United States as the e-commerce giant searches for a new city to be the home of its next campus. This past January, the company announced the finalists in consideration including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and Washington D.C. These top U.S. tech cities that made the list are all great for their own individual reasons, but the majority of them have the common thread of being top U.S. tech cities already. Going over the list, we’ve deduced these common traits between them and how they help contribute to tech hub status.

What do these Top U.S. Tech Cities Have in Common?

Room for Talent

If you want to draw tech talent to your city, you have to have jobs to employ them. U.S. tech cities thrive because they open up opportunities for employment for people working in the sector. It’s simple supply and demand.


While Jeff Bezos may not have had immigration in mind when coming up with finalists, all of the cities chosen employ a pro-immigrant attitude. Statistics show that a higher share of foreign-born residents experience increased economic output, higher wages and higher income levels. While we can only speculate about why that is, there is something to be said about a civic attitude. Especially one that is open to new people and the new ideas that come with them.

The Right Residential Infrastructure

When looking for cities to move to, people are attracted to a mix of convenience and style-- the perfect elements for a modern lifestyle. Gone are the days of suburban sprawl. Nowadays, we want to be closer to the city and where the action is. Top U.S. tech town embrace this by supporting infrastructure that makes residential room in the heart of the city.

Environmentally Friendly Attitudes

People in the tech sector are growing ever more conscious of their lifestyle and its impact on the environment. Cities that attract people in the industry employ resources that allow citizens to live a greener lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. Providing things like community bike programs and citywide recycling are some ways top tech towns appeal to the environmentally friendly.

A Frontier Attitude

Silicon Valley blew up because it attracted people who saw the area as an opportunity to make it their own. That frontier attitude is essentially American-- we want to strike out on our own and find success our own way. Cities that embrace such a mindset draw mavericks from around the world and inspire growth as well as innovation.

No matter which city your company calls home, Number8 can help your business connect to top tech talent. If you want to learn more about our consulting process and why we are the perfect offshore software development company to help you reach your company’s goals, then give us a call at (502) 890-7665 today!

Attracting Tech Talent – Things We Can Learn From 5 Successful Software Firms

successful software firmsGrowing American companies are competing more and more to recruit top tech talent to help with IT and operations. When businesses fail to fulfill their tech talent needs, it can have a serious negative impact on their overall growth as well as research and development. The key to filling these roles isn’t just trying to be the most attractive employer available -- it’s also about looking outside the box when finding new hires. These 5 successful software firms do exactly that.

Take these lessons from the successful software firms and their tech talent recruitment techniques to fill your company’s IT needs.


When it comes to tech startups, Facebook wrote the book on employee relations and expectations. No, really… excerpts released from their “little red” employee handbook outline the company’s mission, history, and culture to new employees. This company/employee transparency helps foster a sense of inclusion within the business that makes tech talent want to be a part of something bigger.


Speaking of transparency, no company does it quite like social media scheduling tool Buffer. From diversity statistics to the CEO’s salary, their operations are an open book. Their commitment to transparency helps facilitate trust among team members in an industry often plagued with backdoor dealings.


Netflix is a household product that changed the way we watched movies and television forever. But name recognition isn’t the only thing this company has going for them. Netflix attracts top talent by offering IT workers freedom to be creative in their pursuits within the company. Not only does this help with recruitment, but it’s a great way to make more market disrupting breakthroughs.


Basecamp is a thriving B2B that produces super successful web-based project management as well as customer relationship management tools. On top of giving their employees the the top 5% of software industry salaries, the company places an emphasis on kindness, charity, and community. Basecamp actively encourages its employees to give back in order to have a positive impact on the world.


This tech startup helps millions of makers all over the world connect to people interested in their products. The people at Etsy also recruit top tech talent by creating a service-oriented architecture that supports a disciplined continuous delivery process. Engineers see the impact they make in real time, which leads to higher employee satisfaction. There are a lot of factors that go in to developing successful software firms. As you can see, successful software firms have a wide variety of different approaches to the development and deployment of company standards and what works, works for them! When developing your own business and asking yourself what makes these successful software firms so successful, think about what makes them unique and why people like them. This will help you to determine the best ways to incorporate business practices and create a successful software firm of your own. At Number8, we connect companies with IT talend and software developers that are fully trained in agile product development. By encouraging talent to come up with creative solutions, they remain motivated and positively contribute to a healthy company culture. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at (502) 890-7665, or check out our information page!

10 Ways to Stay On Top of Reputation Management as a CEO

reputation managementThe internet is an incredible resource for finding out just about anything you could ever want to know. As a CEO, you should really consider how that level of resourcefulness could affect your business. Potential clients use search and social media as tools to gather information regarding your brand and its reputation. So ask yourself -- what does the internet say about your company Fortunately, you can have a say regarding your online reputation and how it looks to potential customers and clients. Here are just some of the ways you can stay on top of your company’s reputation management as a CEO.

Ten Tips to Achieve Excellent Reputation Management

1. Assess what you already have.

Unless your brand was born yesterday, chances are it already has somewhat of an internet presence. Do a cursory search to see what comes up for your business’s name as well as keywords you may be optimizing. Evaluate what you already have going right and which areas could be beefed up a bit.

2. Brand yourself.

It can’t hurt to own as many pages associated with your company’s name as possible. Beyond social media, look at business databases like Crunchbase and see if you can create a profile for your company there.

3. Use social media.

It’s not enough to have a Facebook and Twitter -- you need to be actively posting. No need to go hog wild with minute-by-minute company updates. But every once and a while posting positive articles, blog posts, press releases, and industry-related news is a great way to be authentically active and show the world that your company is relevant.

4. Optimize your website.

If your company website is cluttered and slow, clients are going to assume the rest of your business runs that way. To optimize your site, clean up pages by removing unnecessary copy and organize them with clear page titles. You can also add things like meta tags and search phrases where applicable. Talk with a local SEO company about helping with this process if it is too outside of your wheelhouse.

5. Blog it up.

Your company’s blog is an untapped resource for keyword and search engine optimization. Creating appealing content that is relevant to your industry is a great way to tell search engines what your company is all about. It doesn’t need to be complex-- in fact, it is better if it’s not. You want your content to be engaging and readable, not filled with technical jargon.

6. Read your reviews.

If your company already has reviews on sites like Google Business or Yelp, use them as a resource. Any complaints or doubts expressed by clients should be viewed as genuine feedback you can use to improve your business. If you see negative reviews, don’t fall into the trap of getting into online arguments. The best practice is to apologize and offer a better experience should they return to your business. Take the criticism, fix the mistake the best you can, and move forward knowing how to avoid it in the future.

7. Promote positive reviews.

Having an online review strategy doesn’t only have to be about responding to negativity. Clients with positive experiences are often more than happy to lend their two cents if you let them know how much it would mean to your business. You can even simplify the process by providing direct access to review sites through things like your online newsletter.

8. Follow guidelines.

People are always trying to cut corners and find the quickest way to get the results they want. When it comes to your business’s online reputation, that is not the right approach. Following guidelines shows search engines -- not to mention clients -- that you are serious about having an authentic, positive online reputation.

9. Reach out to influencers.

Influencers are journalists and bloggers that people trust when it comes to industry opinions. It is common practice for them to work with companies to help provide honest reviews for their audiences. Find out what influencers you want to work with and reach out to see if they are willing to work with your brand.

10. Be patient.

When it comes to online reputation management, slow and steady wins the race. You may be putting in hours, days, or even months of work before you see the kind of results you want. Don’t be discouraged. Your online reputation can take years to build, but only seconds to ruin. Taking your time and being patient ensures you don’t make boneheaded mistakes that can undo all the good work you put in.

At Number8, we believe one of the keys to a positive business reputation is great IT that supports your company and offers reputation management services. We help businesses access great IT by connecting them with remote workers that utilize best-practice tools and processes. If you’re interested in learning more about Number8 and what we do, give us a call at (502) 890-7665, or check out our information page!


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