Vegas, Baby

software outsourcing with prosoft nearshoreLas Vegas, Nevada has been portrayed in movies, books, and television shows as a crazy and debauched kind of town.  It is a city well-known for gambling, drinking, prostitution and partying.  But is that the truth?

While no one is silly enough to label Vegas as a quiet, sleepy hamlet, it is reasonable to question whether or not the image of “Sin City” is quite as accurate as pop culture would lead us to believe.

The truth is, a trip to Las Vegas will be exactly what the tourist makes it.  If someone flies in to McCaron Airport looking for the ultimate party, they can find it.  If a couple arrives looking for romance, fine dining, and tranquil beauty, they will find that.  And if a traveler meanders in to town looking for art, history, and natural beauty, they can find that, too.

So while the craziest party town of all time CAN live up to its reputation, there is more to be seen than casinos and clubs.

Prosoft Nearshore doesn’t necessarily condone or condemn the party lifestyle.  But we do believe in making your journey be what you want it to be.  Much like Las Vegas can be done in many ways, we know that software development outsourcing can be done in many ways.

Our firm belief at Prosoft Nearshore is that we do it the right way.  By offering nearshore outsourcing in Costa Rica, we believe we set the standard in communication, quality, and service.

Located in the convenient Central Time Zone, unlike offshore competitors in Asia, Prosoft Nearshore works on the schedule of most American businesses.  This keeps project leaders in perfect communication with their developers.  C++, javascript, and ruby on rails are only some of the languages our highly-skilled software developers can speak.

How you do Vegas is up to you, but try software development outsourcing our way.  What happens in Costa Rica


The Decision Part 2

software development outsourcingLebron James is one of the most polarizing figures, not just in sports, but in the world.  He is undeniably one of the finest basketball players in the world.  Many would argue that he is the best.  He is large, skilled, agile, strong, and determined, which makes him the ideal hoops star.  His services are desired by every basketball team in the world.  And every few years, he gets to test the market in order to determine where he fits best.

Four years ago yesterday, Lebron James aired a television broadcast on ESPN to announce where he had decided to play.  The program, titled The Decision, was a massive ratings success.  It raised millions of dollars for charity.  And it lead him to the Miami Heat where in four years he has won three MVP’s, been to the NBA Finals four times, and brought two NBA championships home to his fans.  By most measures, this would be considered spectacular.

And yet… James was roundly criticized for the broadcast.  It was seen as arrogance.  It was seen as a betrayal of his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.  And it was seen as three NBA stars circumventing the established free agency system to join forces and throw the balance of basketball power out of whack.

And this summer, he can do it again.

Perhaps James will decide to stay in Miami, or return to Cleveland, or move to some third, and potentially greener, pasture.  Only King James knows for sure.  But the world knows that he will consider every aspect of the decision before making it.  It will be a personal decision, but it will also be a business one.

Prosoft Nearshore understands how businesses, and even mega star athletes like Lebron James, tend to make these decisions. By considering every available variable.  When Lebron makes his choice, he will consider the weather, the money, the teammates, the chances of winning, endorsement opportunities, and the comfort of his family.

When a company tries to choose a software development outsourcing partner, they consider a similar number of factors.  Where is the company located?  How good are the software developers?  How much will it cost?  Can they work in my preferred code? And how is the overall customer service?

Prosoft Nearshore feels like we are the ideal destination for all business “free agents”.  We are located in Costa Rica, which is convenient in the Central Time Zone, allowing for optimal communication.  Our developers are top notch, capable of working in ruby, java, c++ and many other mediums.  Our costs are fair and competitive, and our customer service can’t be beat.

Maybe your company isn’t choosing where to play basketball for the next six years, and maybe your CEO isn’t as famous as Lebron James… but Prosoft Nearshore can make your decision a lot easier than his.

Golden Goldfish

prosoft nearshoreSince 1962, Pepperidge Farm has been selling America goldfish crackers.  What began as a saltine-like soda cracker in the shape of a fish has ballooned into a multi-million dollar per year enterprise.

While most people are familiar with the cheddar cheese variety of snack food with the little eyes and smiles, there are over fifty versions and flavors produced by Pepperidge Farm.  Such a simple concept that has turned into a completely ubiquitous product.

Every firm or company hopes that their product will take off and rule a small segment of their market.  Goldfish crackers did exactly that.  By seeing a good idea and running with it, Pepperidge Farm (which is owned by Campbell’s Soup) has dominated its segment of the snack food marketplace for decades.

A little healthier than potato chips, a little tastier than plain crackers, and marketed with a little fun animalism for children, goldfish crackers nailed the needs of the snack-buying public.

Prosoft Nearshore didn’t come up with the idea for goldfish (shucks!) but, like goldfish, we did come up with a surprising niche in an important market.  The world of software development outsourcing was dominated for decades by firms that sourced the work offshore in Asia, particularly in India and Japan.  And this seemed like a reasonable accommodation.  The work could be done cheaper, by skilled technicians, without eating into the time and effort of the host company.

But communication was slow, and this lead to problems.  Asia is, quite literally, half the world away.  Prosoft Nearshore identified the need for quality software development outsourcing that worked on the same time frame as their clients.  Hence, working with a nearshore approach in Costa Rica and Central America.  This kept all of the advantages of offshore outsourcing, while adding the benefit of software developers who worked in the Central Time Zone, the same time of day as their partners.

C++, javascript, and rails development may not be as delicious as goldfish crackers, but they still deserve attention in the world of innovation.  That’s where Prosoft Nearshore is agile and swimming ahead of the wave.

America Emerges

Fireworks on 4th of JulyTomorrow will be the Fourth of July.  It is celebrated across the United States of America as Independence Day.  July 4th, 1776 saw the Declaration of Independence signed in Philadelphia, announcing to Great Britain and the world that America was a free and independent country.

The events of two hundred and thirty eight years ago don’t usually seem that important in modern life.  Particularly events that mostly take place in a musty hall full of politicians on a piece of parchment filled with calligraphy.

Here in the States we use this day as a wonderful excuse to grill meat, set off fireworks, and enjoy an icy cold beverage with our friends and families.  It is a holiday designed for Americans by Americans.  Plus, it a day out of the office!

But it is occasionally important to remember the factors that led to this national holiday.  It was in defense of liberty that the American Colonies decided it was time to govern themselves.  One can only take so many abuses of power before it becomes imperative that those abuses be stopped.

We celebrate the 4th of July because there were men and women in the 1770’s that wanted us to be able to celebrate.  That’s really something quite special.

Ordinarily this space would be reserved for highlighting the quality of services that Prosoft Nearshore offers.  Explanations of how great our partners in Costa Rica are, the advantages of software development outsourcing to Central America instead of Asia, the stability of our partners and their technical acumen in c++, ruby, java, etc.  We are proud of the agile services we provide.  And we believe that what we are doing is valuable.  Normally all of those facts would be explained here in detail.

But not today.

We at Prosoft Nearshore are proud to be an American company.  And today we will choose to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day and leave it at that.



Popular Mechanics

Woman car breakdown road assistanceWhen your car breaks down, it’s going to be a bad day.  No one has ever turned the key in the ignition and then gotten excited that it didn’t start.  When this happens, even a beautiful Friday can start seeming like a dreary Monday.  And if it is a dreary Monday, well then batten down the hatches, because you are suddenly in for a horrendous day.

People who know about cars tend to really really know about cars.  And people who don’t know about cars are likely to think that timing belts are the leather strap of their watch bands.  There isn’t a lot of cross over between car experts and car novices.  It’s binary.  Someone is either knowledgeable enough to work on a car or they aren’t.

I fall in to the group of people who knows nothing about cars.  Therefore I was stuck on the side of the road this morning waiting on someone to tow my hunk of junk to the shop.  My diagnostic efforts included trying to jump the car (it wasn’t the battery) and then staring at the hood in confusion while trying to look like I knew what I was looking at.

Now, I will have to wait for the experts to take over.  Thank goodness.

Computers are much the same way.  People either know how to do fancy computer wizardry or they do not.  Most companies employ at least one of these hardware magicians go keep their business computers running smoothly.  But what about software?  What about the insides that can really make your company go?

Do what I did with my car.  Go to the experts.

Prosoft Nearshore can help outsource your organization’s software development needs to highly-trained experts.  Guys who eat up javascript and spit out ruby on rails.  Agile technicians who will be able to meet the needs of any company.

Plus, this software development outsourcing will be a nearshore solution.  Rather than shipping your work halfway across the globe to East Asia in India, Japan, or Singapore, your partners will be located in the ridiculously convenient Central Time Zone.  Costa Rica, with it’s peaceful, democratic, and established infrastructure is the ideal locale.

And as we already covered… they’re the experts.