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Prosoft Nearshore, the world leader in nearshore software development outsourcing, wants to officially congratulate the National Men's Soccer Team of Costa Rica on qualifying for the knockout round of the World Cup! Prosoft Nearshore has been a proud partner of Costa Rica, utilizing offices there to save our customers money and improve communication lines.  The Tico's as they are known, have qualified for the second round for only the second time in their nation's history. After winning games against both Uruguay and Italy, Costa Rica finished the group stage with a 0-0 draw against England to win their Group D outright.  They will play the second place team from Group C in their round of sixteen matchup.  That could be the Ivory Coast, Columbia, Japan, or Greece. Costa Rica becomes the second team in this World Cup to qualify for the knockout stages from CONCACAF.  Mexico came in second in Group A just yesterday.  CONCACAF is the confederation of soccer teams representing North and Central America.  Honduras and the United States of America are also representing CONCACAF in this tournament.  While Honduras has already been eliminated in a group that features Ecuador, Switzerland, and France, America could give CONCACAF a third advancing team with a win or a draw against Germany. While Prosoft Nearshore treasures Costa Rica for their amazing software developers who excel at Java, C++, and ruby on rails, we are also proud of their athletic prowess.  Their continued development as a power in international athletics is a testament to the solid and consistent economic and political state of the nation. Prosoft Nearshore wishes all of the remaining teams at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil the best of luck, we hold a special place in our heart for all of our corporate partners like Costa Rica and the USA. Congratulations once again on this notable achievement!

Speech and Debate

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female giving a speech during a debateWhen most people hear the word "forensics" they immediately imagine crime scene investigation, small bits of critical evidence, and really bad television shows.  But to ultra-competitive, highly-skilled, and immensely bright high school and college students, "forensics" is the pursuit of competitive speech and debate. The ability to understand an argument, compose and articulate a counter-argument, and deliver that counter-argument with style, poise, and grace, is highly in demand.  There is quite literally no field in the world where that skill-set isn't valuable.  This is for the simple fact that communication is vital. Through teams, tournaments, and practices, organizations like the National Forensics Association in college and the National Forensics League in high school encourage students, some of whom study diverse subjects like software engineering, to develop writing and speaking schools that will help them communicate with friends, colleagues, and clients for the rest of their lives. Prosoft Nearshore also recognizes the importance of communication.  Prosoft Nearshore utilizes software developers in Costa Rica, located in tche Central Time Zone, for their outsourcing.  This nearshore outsourcing method allows Prosoft's clients to stay in touch with their developers at hours that would be ludicrous with offshore outsourcing.  India, Japan, and other Asian options are on such different schedules that communication is strained.   Working with a Central American partner prevents that problem, thus guaranteeing better lines of communication between Prosoft Nearshore and their partners. Whether your company has needs in java, ruby on rails, c++, or any other software type, Prosoft Nearshore's professional and agile team has experts who will continue the theme of wonderful communication techniques. While not ever Prosoft Nearshore employee will have the mastery of language and elocution that speech and debate forensics alumni have, you can rest assured that Prosoft Nearshore places communication at a premium in all of their business transactions.

The Three R’s

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The 3 Rs - reduce, reuse, recycleThe world has come a long way in the past few years when it comes to being environmentally friendly.  Countries, companies, and individuals are all more aware of the impact we humans have on the world around us. While some people my disagree about the importance of massive ecological issues (global warming, climate change, fossil fuel usage, etc) no one disputes the positives associated with the famous "Three R's".  Finding a way to reduce, reuse, and recycle the materials used by humans everyday is a great way to make efficient use of our resources. And while every little bit helps, individuals alone can't clean up the oceans or purify the air.  National regulations and industrial standards go a long way towards making the world a cleaner place. The nation of Costa Rica, which is reliant on a great deal of environmental tourism, is a leader when it comes to national guidelines for emissions and trash disposal.  Their recycling program is among the best in Central America, helping cement their place as a leader in Latin America. Costa Rica doesn't outsource the responsibility to other nations, it takes on the challenge of keeping the world clean head on.   Using agile leadership approaches and riding the rails of innovation, Costa Rica is a ruby in the crown of conservation. Software projections placed the rain forests of Costa Rica in real trouble of deforestation in the next few decades, which is when the Costa Rican government stepped in. Prosoft Nearshore, a leader in the nearshore software development outsourcing industry, is proud to work in such a conscientious nation as Costa Rica.  Besides being located in the business-convenient Central Time Zone, Costa Rica is ideal for the level of stability that such a responsible government provides. The Three R's are great... but to make efficient use of your business resources, work with Prosoft Nearshore for your outsourcing needs.

Summer Summer Summer Time

June 5, 2014 / in Blog, / by Honeywick Dev

summer travel to Costa Rica Students everywhere have begun cheering, teachers everywhere have begun exhaling, and parents everywhere have begun sighing: For most Americans, school is finally out for summer. For the lucky students, summer doesn't just mean sleeping in and no longer worrying about homework, summer means vacation.  Real vacation.  Planes taking them to beaches and mountains and other fantastic destinations.  Vacation season leads to sunscreen and new swimsuits and days of ease and smiles. One of the truly great places on this planet to vacation is Costa Rica.  This blog isn't a travel agency's website, but it can point out that Costa Rica is a great place to spend a week of rest and relaxation. From rain forests to volcanoes to beaches to nightlife, Costa Rica has everything that a vacation enthusiast could look for. By that same token, Costa Rica has everything a business partner could look for.  Located conveniently in Latin America, which is contained in the Central Time Zone, Costa Rica is among the most stable, well-educated, democratic, and consistently profitable of all possible outsourcing partners. Nearshore outsourcing specialist, Prosoft Nearshore, takes advantage of all of these attributes by working in Costa Rica.  The communication and quality employee advantages provide Prosoft Nearshore's clients top-quality service on the same business clock as most American companies.  Prosoft Nearshore's highly skilled software development specialists can handle your company's needs in java, C++, ruby on rails, and agile with ease. Whether you want to enjoy Costa Rica's beautiful vacation spots or work with Costa Rica's emerging economy, it is a nation with something to offer anyone.  Prosoft Nearshore is just one of many organizations benefiting from the awesome power of the Costa Rican way of life.  So when summer vacation ends, remember that Costa Rica can offer just as much in real world applications.

Cell Phone Fun

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  Contact Prosoft Nearshore Today There are now cell phones that you can wear like glasses.  There are cell phones that you can wear like wrist watches.  There are cell phones that you can wear on your arm while you work out.  There are quite literally cell phones that come in every shape, size, form, and function.  Ten years ago, cell phones were thoroughly common, but the touch screen phone did not yet exist.  Now, any phone that isn't "smart" is essentially a relic. Cell phones are only one example of how quickly trends and technologies change.  Laptops, tablets, televisions, and MP3's are all in the same boat, but cell phones are a clear line that traces modern history.  From the giant Saved By the Bell Zach Morris phone to the tiny models of today,  cell phones have continued to advance. Business practices evolve and adapt in the same way.  Outsourcing has been a positive method of software development for decades, but only in recent years have people recognized the massive benefits of nearshore outsourcing.  Rather than sending work half a world away with all of the custom and time differences to be accounted for, nearshore software development outsourcing leaves work closer to home.  Places like Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina, often in the Central Time Zone, are replacing the giant cell phone relics of India and Japan. Prosoft Nearshore does its business in Costa Rica, allowing great communication with our developers on your schedule.  The peaceful democratic climate of Costa Rica and burgeoning education centers allow us to hire well-trained developers in agile, c++, ruby on rails, and java that will work with American managers to provide the best work experience possible. The world of cell phone technology will continue to evolve.  We could all be wearing phone contact lenses one day.  And the business world will evolve, too.  Prosoft Nearshore will never let our partners fall behind the times.  

Making Movie Magic

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Making Movies Magic Between Godzilla, X-Men, Spiderman, and Captain America, there are a lot of high-budget action movies out in theaters these days. They all share a common theme. Not super heroes. Not wanton destruction. Not even spandex costumes. All of these movies feature an amazing amount of computer-generated images. CGI, as it is commonly referred to in the business, has become a mainstay in the cinematic world. If the film's script calls for anything that can't be easily manufactured in real life (like 300 foot tall Japanese monsters or human beings who can cling to walls) then the producers and directors call on the computer geniuses to whip up the graphics. Not every movie can afford the highest, most state-of-the-art visual techniques, but the movies that can are rewarded with quality that is hard to distinguish from real life. It is a demonstration of just how ubiquitous computers have become. In a high stakes business like Hollywood, having the best people on your team is a must. This isn't much different from any run of the mill business world. Having the software developers and management teams that can make your computer needs run smoothly is imperative. Most companies don't employ that type of staff, but any company can hire the best. Outsourcing your software development can streamline business operations and make the whole organization run more smoothly. And when a company outsources, they should really consider a nearshore solution. Prosoft Nearshore is one of the companies on the cutting edge of outsourcing, by operating in the Central Time Zone in stable, democratic Costa Rica. Unlike India or Japan which are prohibitively far away, or Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua which have stability risks, Costa Rica is ideal for American companies who have software development needs. Agile management techniques, C++, ruby on rails, and java are all supported. Whether your company is trying to create movie magic or simply boost your bottom-line, computers are vital. Choosing a nearshore outsourcing partner like Prosoft Nearshore can help turn your company into the next summer blockbuster.  

Matrimonial Bliss

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Matrimonial BlissAs June makes its long-awaited appearance, a great tradition begins unfolding in America. All across the country people will trudge out to their respective mailboxes and receive the one thing besides coupons that still arrives via the United States Post Office: wedding invitations. Wedding season is upon us. In ballrooms and gardens, convention centers and churches, Americans love to get married between the end of May and the end of July. Folks between the ages of twenty three and thirty five will spend their late springs and early summers putting on their best looking suits or dresses to be a witness to commitment. Because that's what a wedding is. After the ice sculptures melt and the crab puffs get eaten, a wedding is really just the beginning of a marriage. And marriages work or don't work for dozens of reasons. All commitments are like that. Working with a corporate partner in your business is also like a marriage. It is saying to another company: we trust you. You will act in good faith and towards our best interests. It is imperative that a business relationship be built with a company that is interested in your company's success. Prosoft Nearshore is just such a company. With their agile management techniques, Prosoft Nearshore commits itself to helping your organization be a massive success. The relative proximity of their nearshore outsourcing partners in Costa Rica mean that the lines of communication (vital in any relationship) are easier and more open than they ever could be with offshore outsourcing. Your software development projects, be they C++, Java, or ruby on rails, will be in the hands of a company that is dedicated to getting the job done right. Plus, they are in the Central Time Zone, meaning that they work on a schedule that mirrors most American companies. Prosoft Nearshore isn't proposing marriage... but they are proposing to be your partner. Wedded to the goals that matter to your company. Consider this your invitation. But sadly we're all out of crab puffs.


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