Refreshing Change of Pace

Refreshing Change of PaceRefreshment comes in a hundred different forms. Finding the perfect way to quench your thirst is a daunting task. As the weather warms up and the sweat starts to form, people all over the world are seeking the ideal beverage to satisfy their needs.

Water always works, but it can be a bit dull. An icy cold beer sounds nice, but the alcohol that comes with it is not always appropriate. Gatorade will definitely replace the nutrients and electrolytes your body is losing, but it can seem overkill when you haven’t just run a mini-marathon. Walking along the aisles of a convenience store these days can present nearly limitless options ranging from lemonade to tea to sodas or fruit drinks of all kinds.

In Costa Rica, street vendors will offer to crack open a fresh coconut for tourists to take care of their thirst. Coconut water or milk is high in the vitamins and minerals that a thirsty body needs, but carrying around a giant coconut can be impractical. The bottom line is simple: there are a LOT of options.

Smart managers face a lot of options and decisions every day. One of the most common is how to tackle their software development needs. They’d love to handle it in house, but it is a lot of work for a small operation and they don’t want to tie up their creative and technical minds on C++ all day. Outsourcing can seem like a great idea, but how and where?

Companies like Prosoft Nearshore offer software development options that are practical, pragmatic, and simple. They employ a nearshore approach to outsourcing which keeps your work in the same hemisphere, utilizing Costa Rica’s presence in the Central Time Zone to maintain ideal levels of communication. The cost and quality are competitive, and they lack some of the pitfalls of overseas options like India or Japan. Other Central or Latin American nations fail to meet the high standards that the democratic and stable nation of Costa Rica provides. Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and C++ are well within their scope, and they manage it with an agile approach.

Like picking the perfect beverage, picking the right software developer is daunting. But when you find that ideal drink at the ideal moment… it is a thing of beauty. For this blogger’s money, a delicious green tea is just thing. And so is Prosoft Nearshore.

Fantasy Business World

Fantasy Business WorldSince the days of JRR Tolkein’s masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings”, authors have been striving to write the perfect epic fantasy novel. Creating a world of amazing detail, clarity, and intrigue is a challenge that has been attempted by some of the greatest writers on Earth. It is a task that requires creativity, ingenuity, and staggering resolve.

From Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” to Patrick Rothfuss’ “Kingkiller Chronicles” with a hundred other attempts in between, the worlds of fantasy are constantly evolving and appearing. Whether they have dragons or elves, magic or mystery, the only real requirement for the genre is that they take place somewhere other than our known world. The best-selling books of all time, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, is fantasy. Yes, it takes place in our world, but not in a version that is recognizable.

The rules get changed by these talented authors. Rules of physics, rules of language, and rules of polite society. The massively popular “Game of Thrones” television program on HBO derives from the fantasy novels by George R R Martin, who treats earthly decency and morality with contempt. Nothing is sacred in these novels, except for entertaining their readers.

Brilliant business owners have been treating the rules of business the same way. Just because something has always been done one way does not mean that they ought to be done that way forever. For ages, software development outsourcing was considered the realm of East Asia, exclusively available in countries like India and Japan.

But great managers aren’t bound by mundane ideas. They recognized the attractive benefits of nearshore outsourcing solutions. There are talented software developers being groomed in Central America, capable of performing in java, C++, ruby on rails, or any other software development fields. Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, and especially Costa Rica offer these services with great new advantages. More time zone friendly, more accessible, and more familiar, these new solutions can help change the rules of software development outsourcing.

Work doesn’t need to include ogres and fairies to be fantastic. Rules were meant to be created, not lived in like shackles. Fantasy novelists and smart business owners have that mentality in common. Nearshore solutions like Prosoft Nearshore change the rules.

Race to the Finish

Horse Racing and Business CompetitionThe Preakness Stakes is set to be run this weekend. The second race for the prestigious Triple Crown is a proud tradition, having been raced between 3 year old horses since 1875. It will be followed in three weeks by the Belmont Stakes.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators will descend on Baltimore from around the world. Many of the elite athletes, actors, musicians, and celebrities of the day will attend the race or merely participate in race week festivities. Visitors from as far away as Costa Rica, Venezuela, India, and all points in between will witness as these thoroughbreds fight to make their time the fastest yet.

The horses themselves need to be strong, fast, and agile to maneuver around the course and their competition. Great champions have made late charges, coming from the post or the rails to win at Pimlico. Names like Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and War Admiral have all left their hoofprints on history at the hallowed track.

Owners, trainers, and jockeys all play key roles in the success of a given horse. As in any pursuit, it takes more than an individual to make something truly great. Being a champion in any field requires a great team. In business, one part of the team that can’t be ignored is software development. A way to guarantee that partner will support you is to use Prosoft Nearshore to outsource your software development. Prosoft Nearshore is based in the United States, but is a nearshore outsourcing solution in Costa Rica. This allows all the benefits of an American company with all the savings of outsourcing.

Business owners using nearshore software development outsourcing know that Prosoft Nearshore can help them finish first. The end result may not be a garland of roses and eternal glory, but in the business world, enhanced profits and increased flexibility are more valuable than a trophy.