Big Cat Fancy

Big CatsCats are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. They have nine lives. They always land on their feet. They can see in the dark. They have fascinated mankind for literally thousands of years. Some of the stories that have surrounded this predatory mammal are true, some are completely ridiculous, and some are subject to blind faith.

Maybe the Egyptians were right and cats should be worshiped above all creatures. It’s hard to know for sure. But it’s not hard to know a few facts. They come in all sizes, from the mighty tigers down to the tiniest house cats. Their diet can range from insects and fish to huge mammals like wildebeests and even elephants. They can be found on every continent save for Antarctica.

The fact that they are so widespread is evidence of their evolutionary capabilities. Cats have evolved to fit into every type of environment. Some are agile tree climbers, others have blinding speed. Some have immense jaw power, others have incredible dexterity.

Businesses need to evolve in the same way. Understanding and reacting to the marketplace is vital to any successful enterprise. Market trends can change with cat-like quickness, and the wise business owners are prepared to deal with anything that comes their way. Being able to utilize new techniques and take advantage of growing resources is a key to taking down the competition the way a cheetah wrestles down a gazelle.

Nearshore software development outsourcing is one of these up and coming methodologies. Gone are the days when outsourcing meant exclusively dealing with offshore companies in India or other portions of Asia. Companies such as Prosoft Nearshore have evolved to fill the needs of companies that need high-quality software development that works on the same clock they do. Being located in Costa Rica (home of majestic jaguars and ocelots), Prosoft Nearshore is like catnip to those seeking a partner in the Central Time Zone.

When one is putting together a business plan, they should consider the lessons of our fair feline friends. Evolve. Adapt. Expand. Getting into business with organizations that make the most of modern technology and convenience might be what keeps your businesses from being run out of town on rails.

Make the Call

Make the CallIn 1876 Alexander Graham Bell spoke into the first conventionally operational telephone, saying “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” These simple words capped decades of research by dozens of scientists and became known as the birth of the modern telephone. Telemarketers soon followed.

Communication has never been the same. Today, a person in India can call a person in Brazil and hear them as if they were standing in the next room like Mr. Watson. Wires and now wireless towers encircle the globe. From offshore oil rigs to outer space, phones aren’t even limited by land anymore. And phone calls aren’t limited to telemarketing and prank phone calls, businesses use phones to communicate ideas, seal deals, and forge relationships.

The only flaw in the telephone is that the person you are calling must be awake and in their office. This isn’t always the case if your business is in Chicago and the person you are trying to contact is in Malaysia or Pakistan. Sure, there’s e-mail, but in the fast-paced business world, failing to get in touch with someone for eight to twelve hours can put whole projects behind schedule.

Outsourcing your software development can run into those problems.  Offshore solutions in Asia are tough to manage when they aren’t operating on the same clock as your business. That’s why companies like Prosoft Nearshore offer a nearshore software development outsourcing option. Working with a company that is based in Costa Rica can keep those lines of communication open, because unlike Japan or Singapore, Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone. And that means that there phones are on at the same time as yours.

Pick up a phone, hear that beautiful dial tone, and call Prosoft Nearshore. Because partners who can talk when you can talk are invaluable. Stay ahead of the competition. And thank Alexander Graham Bell for his amazing work. Ring ring.

High Hoops Hopes

High Hoop HopesToday marks the beginning of a national tradition that has no equal. The (arguably) best sixty-eight division one men’s college basketball teams in the country will be competing to be crowned champion of the hoops world. Baskets will be scored. Brackets will be busted. Hearts will be broken. And in the end, one team will reign supreme, winning the nation’s highest prize.

The competition is fierce. Student athletes who have been preparing their whole lives will fight for every loose ball and every point. Coaches who have dedicated their careers to the study of basketball will put their wits and strategies up against their opponents. Students, alumni, and casual fans will turn in to rabid supporters of their respective universities, urging their teams to victory.

The team that will come out on top is the team that makes the best use of its assets. No right-thinking coach would have their bruising power forward shooting threes or allow a tiny point guard to cover a giant center on the defensive end. Planning and execution are what will rule the day.

The same is true in business. A company that puts its money, resources, and employees in the best places for success will be the most profitable. Leading executives don’t send their janitors on business trips and they don’t have their marketing team waste time running human resources. They also recognize the benefits of software development outsourcing. Particularly nearshore outsourcing. Nearshoring your software development with a company like Prosoft Nearshore allows your creative team to stay focused on growing your business. Nearshore software development outsourcing frees up time, capital, resources, and employees to go where they can be most productive. Think about Prosoft Nearshore like a great zone defense.

Prosoft Nearshore works from Costa Rica. Costa Rica operates in the Central Time Zone, maximizing their availability and communication. This prevents some of the lapses in direct contact that can occur with an offshore outsourcing company. Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam are all literally half a world away. But having your developers in Costa Rica is as easy to stay in contact with as a give-and-go pass.

Whiskey, Straight

WhiskeyWhiskey has long been the drink of choice for a large segment of the world. From Scotch to Bourbon, Irish Whiskey to Canadian Rye, people everywhere love “the water of life.” And while the mixtures of spirit may change from brand to brand and variety to variety, the core principles behind whiskey have remained the same. Grains, yeast, and water have been the basic ingredients for centuries.

But now, the world of whiskey has begun to see evolution. Like any business, the people who run distilleries have noticed momentous changes in the market, and are responding to meet those desires. Flavored whiskies have begun to creep into the public awareness. Red Stag, Fireball, Honey, and others have been produced by some of the biggest and oldest whiskey companies in the world.

Some purists may think that flavoring whiskey is blasphemous. But really, it’s just doing what is necessary to stay competitive. Software development outsourcing is the same concept. It may seem like a tough decision to send your work to another country and trust the work to get done right. But for efficiency, cost, and convenience, nearshore outsourcing with a company like Prosoft Nearshore is just putting a little cinnamon in your whiskey. A way to stay ahead of the competition.

Plus, Prosoft Nearshore is located in Costa Rica. This way, your software developers won’t be too far from home, working on the same schedule that you do. Offshore outsourcing is a little more foreign, often being located hemispheres away and living on a different time schedule. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, a convenient nearshore solution for any company wanting to stay relevant.

Any industry has to adapt. Whiskey producers realized there were untapped markets and produced a product to fill that need. Prosoft Nearshore recognized that companies want software development outsourcing options that operate on the same clock. And forward-thinking companies everywhere can be competitive by taking advantage of those services.


Costa Rican VolcanoesBesides being the home of Prosoft Nearshore, Costa Rica boasts some of the world’s most fascinating volcanoes. Several, including Irazu, Poas, and Turrialba, are active. Major eruptions haven’t occurred in the last few decades, but geysers, minor lava flows, and smoke are visible to tourists.

A volcano is a truly remarkable natural phenomenon. Pressure, magma, and gas build up beneath the surface seeking a release. Eventually, all that pressure leads to either an eruption or a vent, allowing the inside forces to creep to the surface.

The business world isn’t that different. Each company’s success is measured by all of the unseen forces. Great business planning, hard workers, wise investment, and smart asset allocation are all parts of a company that the outside world can’t witness. But when they work together in perfect concert, it can result in an eruption of sales and profits. Not nearly as scary as an eruption of molten hot lava, but way better for bank accounts.

One of the things that can build all that good pressure for a company is a great software development plan. Companies that are ahead of the curve recognize the value in outsourcing their software development with a nearshore solution. Working with a company in the Central Time Zone is efficient and effective because of the time it allows project leaders to be in touch with developers. Prosoft Nearshore is proud to offer that type of service. With our offices in Costa Rica (NOT at risk to rogue volcanoes) we can put developers and managers in touch with your office during normal business hours.

Offshore outsourcing in Asia can’t offer that type of attention and service. Make sure that the unseen forces in your company are pushing excellence and profits to the surface, not headaches. Nearshore software development with Prosoft Nearshore can help your efficiency and productivity erupt.

Falls City

Louisville, Falls CityWhile Prosoft Nearshore provides nearshore outsourcing solutions for software development in Costa Rica, our home office is actually located in Louisville, Kentucky. We ae proud of our ties to Central America, and we feel that nearshoring in the Central Time Zone with our Costa Rican office is great. But we are also proud of our hometown. Louisville is an amazing city that blends southern hospitality with mid-western sensibilities.

Falls City, a nickname for Louisville derived from its proximity to the falls of the Ohio River, is famous for a multitude of awesome reasons. From the Kentucky Derby to Louisville Slugger, from basketball glory to Muhammad Ali’s boxing royalty. From the invention of benedictine and even the cheeseburger to the home of Bourbon and a proud tradition of industry. Prosoft Nearshore is headquartered in a city with tradition and history. But it is also a city on the move.

Louisville has been rated by numerous magazines and media outlets as a city primed for growth and delightful to live in. It has developed a sense of identity as a great place to eat and find affordable entertainment. The Frankfort Avenue, Bardstown Road, and NuLu districts provide some of the best restaurants in the world. Forecastle Music Festival, Headliners, and the awe-inspiring Yum! Center bring the finest bands and acts to Louisville. The cost of living is reasonable and the people are congenial.

Prosoft Nearshore is a company that wants to work with the best partners. It’s no coincidence that our offices are located in Louisville and Costa Rica. For software development, outsourcing solutions, quality project management, and dependable employees, we think Costa Rica and Louisville are a perfect match.

Moving to the Beat

Costa Rica MusicMusic has a place of great social and historical importance to Costa Rica. The Central American nation is an amazing blend of cultures, traditions, and musical styles. From reggae and calypso to folk music and jazz, Costa Rica melds some of the greatest music variations into their own distinct flavor.

We at Prosoft Nearshore definitely think of Costa Rica as music to our ears. Their music is so special and unique because of the different qualities it contains. Costa Rican music is a great metaphor for the country itself. Costa Rica is not a one trick pony. It contains various elements that make it a tremendous nation, just like the music that originates there.

Costa Rica is a strong democratic republic with an established and viable economy. It has industries that vary from agricultural (bananas and coffee) to ecological (rainforest and volcano tours). It is a growing technological power with four technical universities that train the world’s finest software developers and managers. The warm climate attracts tourists from all over the world for amazing beaches and tropical delights.

Prosoft Nearshore is thrilled to have an office in Costa Rica. They make ideal partners with their first rate software development capabilities. Outsourcing to a nearshore location like Central America is a fantastic resource for companies, but Costa Rica is special even in this field. Unlike Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Columbia, Chile and others, Costa Rica is stable, dependable, and democratic.

Visit Prosoft Nearshore today to learn more. See how a Central American nation like Costa Rica can put all the right instruments together to provide the best outsourcing option for your company. And maybe turn on some steel drums while you’re at it.

Outsourcing Makes Sense

Outsourcing Makes SenseOutsourcing is not an easy decision. And it shouldn’t be an easy decision. Moving work away from employees that you know and then trusting someone new hundreds or even thousands of miles away is daunting. Why do smart companies outsource their software development?

There is no single answer. Every company has different needs and each software development project is unique. There are many possible reasons. They can be as simple as a desire to reach new markets. They can be as complex as wanting to free up creative teams to focus on new problems. But in the end, almost every reason to outsource is a variation on one theme: Resource Allocation.

Successful companies want to put their money, their employees, and their businesses in the places that will have the most impact. By using an outsource solution, either offshoring or nearshoring, companies can better control how their resources are deployed. In house creative teams can focus on their real tasks instead of chewing up time on software updates. The money saved can be used to bolster other flagging areas. And having a presence in another country can increase visibility or understanding of new regions for a company seeking to expand globally.

India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Costa Rica are global leaders in outsourcing. The software development talent and attractive relative cost have caught the attention of many US companies like Prosoft.

We at Prosoft Nearshore believe that nearshoring is the best option for companies looking to outsource. The convenience, time similarities, and proximity make places like Costa Rica ideal. Talk to us, find out if your outsourcing needs can be met by our high standards. Let us help you put your resources where they can be the most impactful.